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Play for gain

Saturdays are best spent out on the course

This Saturday, the 23rd of February, we'll be hosting a par-3 challenge on one of the short holes where you need to hit the green and stand a chance to win a panoramic towel or a divot tool. It costs R100 to take part in this challenge.

What's up at the Pro Shop?

Buy a pair of G/Fore shoes and receive a free G /Fore glove

Buy any Daily Sport or Peter Millar shirt and get a free logo cap.

Buy any Peter Millar shirt or shorts at full price and get a free panoramic towel 1-28 February.

Tomorrow is the day for a new Callaway ball set

Buy a dozen of Callaway balls and save 10 % on the 23rd of February.

New arrivals

Callaway polo shirts and jerseys
Cutter and Buck shirts with SA flag on the sleeve Available in different colours

On the technical side of things...

The Titleist Pro V1 continues to dominate the premium performance sector of the golf ball market, so the 2019 versions have an illustrious legacy to live up to:

The side stamp design is the same shape as the previous Titleist Pro V1 2017,
but it is now grey instead of black.

Visually the biggest change is that both models are now also available in yellow,
which will please the older generation of lower handicappers.

This is a bigger deal than you think as the chemistry of the various elements of the yellow cover had to be modified to keep the performance the same as the white version.

The yellow is added into the urethane cover, rather than it being painted on the white ball. The yellow is also translucent so Titleist had to paint the casing layer underneath the cover with a clear primer so that the yellow stands out.

Under the hood, both models feature a new 2.0 ZG Process Core at the centre of the ball in order to generate the speed for greater distance. This is achieved by making outer sections of the core stiffer than before, whilst maintaining the same softness in the centre.

You should keep your stats!

Do you keep statistics of your rounds? These numbers do not lie, and tell the story of your strengths and weaknesses. Having factual evidence and knowing what parts of your game require the most improvement will certainly lead to better practice sessions as well as quicker skill improvement. Share those stats with your swing coach, so your coach can help you plan a proper action plan for improvement.

Need some more help with your game? Contact us.

How right we were:

The new Srixon Z-STAR Golf Ball

We said this was a golf ball that was beyond expectation. If you want everything (soft, fast, far, spin, durability, and now add stability in the wind) then the Srixon Z-STAR Series is your golf ball. Beyond expectation is one week, three tours, three wins, one golf ball. J.B. Holmes (PGA Tour), Ryan Fox (European Tour) and Miguel Angel Jimenez (Senior Tour) all won last week using the new Srixon Z-STAR Series Golf Balls.

Make it your business to try the new Z-STAR this week. Whether it's your fourball or the club competition, the winner’s circle awaits. Call us in the shop.

Learn more >

Feel the thrill

Enjoy some speed
There’s no getting away from the fact that speed matters.
But the great news is that the smallest increase, translates into lots of distance.
And the even better news is that the smallest changes can create greater speed increases than you thought possible.
Increasing your clubhead speed by
just 1mph adds 2mph to
ball speed, and that results
in 4 extra metres.
Just look at how many ways we can add to your clubhead speed:
Upper body
Shaft Length Shaft flex & 
We’re delivering thrills
Creating the perfect match of ball speed, launch angle, and spin rate, maximises the distance you’ll get off the tee. A change of just 1° and 500rpm can unlock 20 metres. How much potential can we unlock for you? Act now.
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One week, three Tours

How good could you be?

A reason to stay connected
This might be one of the most compelling reasons to practice together with at least one friend.
If you’ve set out on a “Deliberate Practice Plan” to acquire a new skill or master a particular shot, then you need feedback. Get someone to video your swing. Now you can observe your setup, swing, and focus on the new movement you’re after. We might think we’re making a full shoulder turn, but what does the evidence show us?
You need someone to share a drink with
Getting friends to practice, provides the opportunity for fun competition, feedback, and a shared experience afterward. We’d be happy to help make your sessions as productive as possible with some extra advice and feedback.
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