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Does your bag need an upgrade?

We would like to host a Callaway fitting day, but we would need to have a few people sign up first to make sure we could make this day great for everyone. Please send us an email or call to give up you name and email address so we could let you know when we have enough people to plan a fitting day you all will enjoy.

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Protect yourself against the summer sun

Just arrived: New logo caps with ball marker


TaylorMade Caps

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What's hot in the shop?

Buy any Peter Millar Shirt or Short at full price and get a free panoramic towel (Valid until 28 February).

Buy any Callaway Cap+ a sleeve of Chrome Soft/X + Dawn Patrol Glove for only R600
(Valid until 28 February).

Do you want to improve your putting?

Put one hand in charge

Don't just leave the putter face down there to fend for itself. I want you to put your right hand in charge. Picture your right hand as the equivalent of your putter face.

Get used to the notion that, if your right hand is pointed toward your intended target, the ball will go in. Another option: Left hand low. Some players prefer to make their left hand the lower hand on the putter, putting that hand in charge of the stroke. Either way, your putting stroke will have more authority and your putts will fall with greater frequency.

For the whole article, please read "Golf's Red Zone Challenge" by Charlie King and Rob Akins.

If you want to improve your putting, contact us to book a lesson.
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Feel the thrill

Two steps to the ride of your life
Generating longer distance from the tee with a perfect strike is made a lot easier if you’re
playing with two components fitted for your tee shot.
The shaft flex and the way the shaft performs
needs to match both your clubhead speed and
how you “load” the shaft. Do you have an even
tempo or do you start back aggressively?

The clubhead design needs to work with your swing speed and strike pattern to transfer your clubhead speed into the maximum ball speed on the best trajectory with the optimum spin rate.
Center of Gravity
Hitting zone size
and location
We’re delivering thrills
Creating the perfect match of ball speed, launch angle, and spin rate, maximises the distance you’ll get off the tee. A change of just 1° and 500rpm can unlock 20 metres. How much potential can we unlock for you? Act now.
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Effortless distance


You can almost ”feel” the distance when hitting the new Srixon 6th generation Z-STAR golfball.
If you want to hit it further, we can help.

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How good could you be?

Play together. Practice together.
Life needs more than work. Experts now believe that loneliness reduces your life span, mental agility, earning power, and ability to hit #7 irons closer. OK, maybe we added the last one, but not the rest. Those same experts also recommend exercise, but we’d also offer additional advice.
What are you up for now? Oh yes,
protein shake and recovery
in a darkened room.
What are you up for now?
Try and walk to the bar after an
hour on that saddle!
Golf is great exercise. Even hitting 50 – 70 shots practicing burns calories. Add a focus to that practice, and you gain the reward of accomplishment; a new skill acquired (with payback out on the golf course). And bring friends to practice. It’s fun; it's feedback, it’s a “recovery drink” in the bar afterward.
You need someone to share a drink with
Getting friends to practice, provides the opportunity for fun competition, feedback, and a shared experience afterward. We’d be happy to help make your sessions as productive as possible with some extra advice and feedback.
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