No, this isn't April Fool's

1st-30th April

Buy any Callaway clothing and receive 2 sleeves of Callaway Supersoft balls free.

6th & 7th April only

Buy any 2 full priced Shirts and receive a free shirt on sales rail.

13th April only

Callaway cap + glove combo for only R550.

Easter specials coming soon. Definitely something to be looking forward to!

New Arrivals : Callaway Big Bertha 4 hybrid.

Callaway Big Bertha Hybrids

The new hybrids bring Jailbreak Technology to Big Bertha for the first time and also feature an updated system for adjustability. These features combine to increase speed and optimize launch in a package designed to improve overall distance and performance.

Twilight delight

Twilight special from now until the end of August

We are delighted to announce that Arabella is now running a twilight special everyday from 1pm to 3h30pm up until the end of August for only R599.

This price includes clubs, a golf cart and 9 holes of golf.

Contact us now to book your round.

Learn to lean forward

The most common thing that causes poor contact in shots around the green is the hands and wrists trying to scoop the ball in the air. The scooping action results in punishing shots that are bladed over the green or hit fat and fall short of the target. The scooping action of your hands and wrists causes the shaft of the club to lean away from the target at impact.  This backward leaning shaft creates a thicker sole (bounce) which makes it difficult to hit the ball solidly.

If you want to strike the ball solidly you must replace your scoop with a technique that creates a forward leaning shaft at impact.The most effective training aid for preventing your scoop and creating forward shaft lean is The Punisher. First grip your chipping club normally; grip a second club underneath the first one down close to the hosel or clubhead. The second grip should now be sticking out under your left armpit. Try keeping the second shaft away from your left side as you swing through. During the chipping motion, if you are a scooper the extended part of the club will punish you by bumping into your side. Instant feedback! Be careful not to take too long of a swing. After eliminating the scoop you will eliminate the punishing fat and thin shots from your short game.

Book a lesson to practise this and much more.

What's happening at EOGA

Give your junior's weekend a golfing kickstart!

During the school holidays, André organised a 2-day Junior Academy bootcamp.

Each day started off by improving technique and doing some skill training, and ended on the course playing with their new friends.

EOGA is having another 1-day Junior Academy bootcamp this Friday, the 5th April. The juniors will play a few holes.


Get in contact to book your junior's spot.

Ladies, get involved this Thursday!

The Ladies’ Clinic carries on every Thursday. Last week was a lot of fun as usual.


This Thursday’s Ladies’ Clinic will focus on controlling the irons and striking the fairway woods.

Book your spot now!

Stronger core = better golf

This Wednesday, EOGA will be hosting its first ever pilates class with instructor Amelda.

Pilates is a wonderful form of exercise that will strengthen your body in all the right places. Good core strength is essential for good golf!

It’s happening at the Arabella gym. There are only 6 spots, so booking is essential with André.


EOGA coach André is running a promotion for this week. As this is the last week before the hollowtining begins, André is running a special on ‘on-course session’.

Only R600/hour with our fantastic coach! The focus of the session is on mindset, course management and getting the ball in the hole.

Contact Andre now to book your on-course session.

Results Corner

Morne, the Somerset West Junior Competition champion

Our Junior, Morne, won his division by 9 shots over the week end at the Somerset West Junior Competition. We are so proud of him!

Click on image to enlarge.

Reinold du Randt's scorecard

Reinold du Randt played a lovely 79 over the week end at Arabella from a 12 handicap. This happened the day after André worked with him on better mental technique that he tried on the course that day. Congratulations!

2 of our EOGA clients – Sello and Kenielwe Moloko – won at Killarney Golf Club in Johannesburg. It was a corporate golf club day and with the betterball format, they scored 53 points. Their hard work in the gym and on the range definitely paid off!! Well played!

Simplify your short game

A wedge chart helps

You want to hit closer wedge shots more often with greater ease. If you can control your distance, you create more opportunities for birdies and par saves. Let’s help you achieve this by simplifying your short game with the use of a wedge chart. 
A ‘wedge chart’ is an accurate recording of the distance each wedge travels depending on the length of your swing. Wedge charts are used by the majority of Tour Pros, yet no one really encourages amateur or club golfers to use them.
Making your wedge game easier
 Understanding the importance of precision on approach shots using a wedge chart is your first lesson to a better short game and becoming a wedge guru. You may think you are not good enough for a wedge chart,
but they really work for any level of golfer.
Contact us >

Better ball striking

There’s a special feeling that comes with hitting a solid iron shot. Especially one you feel launch off the face and then track on a great trajectory going straight at the target.
 Most of those who are struggling to hit solid iron shots have a low point of their swing BEFORE the ball. That means they either make "fat" contact (turf before ball) or they catch the ball with the bottom of their iron face (thin) on the upswing.
If you’re a good ball striker and want to get even better, then try focusing on tempo. Reduce your emphasis on how far you hit your irons, and work on a consistent tempo. A good tempo will lead to consistent contact and consistent distances.

Make it solid

You need to strike the ball first with a slight descending trajectory. That ensures your contact is solid and strikes the face in the hitting zone. We have drills that can help you on the practice range. We can also look at your swing and let you know how to improve your ball striking.
Contact us >

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