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From 30 April

Big clearance sale on selected men’s outerwear.

1 - 31st May

Buy any 2 logo caps for only R599

1 May Only

Buy any men's/ladies' Cutter and Buck Shirts and get 20% off on any golf cap.
 1-9 May

Buy any pair of sunglasses and get a bottle of Luca Sunscreen for free

While stocks last

Barlow Pass Jackets at R1999 and receive a free ahead cap or an Ahead Sun Protection Skin

Grey Jacket
Ease of movement, comfort, and breathability with weather protection. Our most intelligent water-and wind-resistant technology performs when and where you need it.

Was R1999. Now R999.

...and many more not to miss out on! Come and spoil yourself with some outerwear before this winter really hits.

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Mother’s Day specials will arrive soon.

Learn to lean forward

The most common thing that causes poor contact in shots around the green is the hands and wrists trying to scoop the ball in the air.

The scooping action results in punishing shots that are bladed over the green or hit fat and fall short of the target. The scooping action of your hands and wrists causes the shaft of the club to lean away from the target at impact. This backward leaning shaft creates a thicker sole (bounce) which makes it difficult to hit the ball solidly. If you want to strike the ball solidly you must replace your scoop with a technique that creates a forward leaning shaft at impact.

The most effective training aid for preventing your scoop and creating forward shaft lean is The Punisher. First grip your chipping club normally; grip a second club underneath the first one down close to the hosel or clubhead. The second grip should now be sticking out under your left armpit. Try keeping the second shaft away from your left side as you swing through. During the chipping motion, if you are a scooper, the extended part of the club will punish you by bumping into your side.
Instant feedback!

Be careful not to take too long of a swing. After eliminating the scoop you will eliminate the punishing fat and thin shots from your short game.

Thank you from Srixon

We would just like to also thank all the members and guest whom supported us with the Srixon brand exposure of all their new products on the market, please contact the pro shop if you would like to spend time with Riaan, the Srixon rep, to do a proper full fitting for yourself.


 EOGA at Arabella

EOGA keeps on working for you even during the winter months. Don’t miss out on these 2 recurring events. Pilates is essential in the training of a strong golfer and a members’ clinic to make sure your golf keeps on improving!

Everyone wants forgiveness

The very best ball strikers too
The lower your handicap, the less space you have for error. So wouldn’t it be nice to have a little forgiveness built into your game? But, first we know you don’t want to compromise some key features:
The great news is that the hitting zone has been extended on many better 2018 and 2019 Players Iron models to accommodate slight miss-hits towards the heel or toe. Ball speed is protected, and the distance the ball will travel is unchanged. That’s a critical part of the accuracy a low handicap golfer must have.

Play the perfect partnership
Exploit the advantages technology is giving you, especially if you have little room for error in your round. But, don’t neglect the biggest advantage: Get fitted for a setup that makes it easier to hit the perfect golf shot.
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Knock it down. Knock it close.

If we asked you to stand 20 metres from this bucket and use an under-arm throw to get a golf ball in the bucket, would you use a lower trajectory (a) or a higher trajectory (b)? 
Almost everyone correctly tackles this challenge by using a lower trajectory.
So why do most amateur golfers try and hit wedge shots as
high as possible?

Knock it close with your wedge
Watch the golf on TV and you’ll see Professionals hitting wedge shots mostly with a lower trajectory. They create a ton of spin. It makes it much easier for them to control distance. It makes it easier to be accurate. Time to learn a new skill?
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