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Developing Touch

On or around the green

Golfers with a good short game have a great control of distance and can adjust easily to different speed greens.  Developing distance control is pretty easy with sound technique and good practice sessions with feel drills.

Feel Drills
:  Feel resides in your sub-conscious mind. 

There are two keys for successful drills:
1. Use three to six balls and hit each ball a different distance.
2. Make several rehearsal strokes prior to each putt trying to feel the energy needed.

An example is to place three balls on the same line at twenty, twenty-five and thirty feet from the hole. Take your time and try to make each putt, then repeat the process from different directions and lengths for uphill, downhill and level putts.  Similar drills can be helpful for chipping and pitching.


 EOGA at Arabella

EOGA keeps on working for you even during the winter months. Don’t miss out! Pilates is essential in the training of a strong golfer and a members’ clinic to make sure your golf keeps on improving!


Everyone wants forgiveness

Take it where you need it
If you describe yourself as a good or solid ball striker, these two shots still provide you with different challenges. You don’t need forgiveness in your irons on the short shot, but the longer #5 or #4 iron shot will test your skills and consistency.
If you’re consistent throughout your set, then a better players iron (more compact, possibly forged) is a great choice. If you start to lose consistency in the mid-irons, then consider blending two iron models through your set. A players iron for the shorter irons, and a more forgiving model for the mid and longer irons.
The shorter irons can be compact with a CoG that is a little higher, and closer to the face, with limited launch assistance.   The mid to longer irons can be a different model: one that offers a larger hitting zone and a little more launch assistance.
It’s about the distances

If you want to blend two different models into one set, then it’s not about the numbers on the sole. It’s about the distances you hit each club. As well as finding the perfect fit, we want to make sure you have each distance base covered.
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Knock it down. Knock it close.

Watch the Tour on TV and you’ll see a lot of players finishing like this on wedge shots. It’s a clue that they’ve played a lower trajectory wedge shot. They know its easier to control the distance they’re hitting their wedge if they keep the ball on a lower trajectory.
Want to make the most of opportunities and hit your wedge approach shots close to the hole? Then learn this skill.

Easier control and more spin
You’ll hit your target distance easier. And the ball will have a ton of spin and check really quickly. Then learn to hit lower flighted, higher spinning wedge shots.
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