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1 - 31 May

Buy any 2 logo caps for only R599.

10 - 20 May

All you need combo
(Mint condition 2nd-hand balls, tees and divot tool for R 280)

18 May only

Buy any shirt at full price and get a bottle of LUCA Suncreen for free.

While stocks last

Barlow Pass Jackets at R1999 and receive a free ahead cap or an Ahead Sun Protection Skin.
Grey Jacket
Ease of movement, comfort, and breathability with weather protection. Our most intelligent water-and wind-resistant technology performs when and where you need it.
Was R1999. Now R999.

...and many more not to miss out on! Come and spoil yourself with some outerwear before this winter really hits.

We've got a treat in store for you!

While stocks last

Achieve distance
Softer near the center and gradually firmer around the perimeter, Soft Feel’s Energetic Gradient Growth Core feels soft while maximizing ball speed.

Our tour-proven 338 Speed Dimple Pattern reduces drag and maximizes lift, giving you more distance on every drive and iron shot. Plus, Speed Dimples are especially effective at helping your ball stay straight in windy conditions.

Achieve comfort
All Weather Glove
A synthetic leather upper with Lycra inserts, Cabretta leather patch on palm and thumb, and a powerful grip and durability.

Cabretta Leather Glove

  A lycra insert positioned across the knuckles, Cabretta leather for ideal fit and feel and provides flexibility and added comfort.

Achieve more forgiveness

  Cleveland CBX Wedges look, feel, and forgive like your cavity back irons, plus spin the ball like a tour wedge.

Have you booked your spot?

If you haven't yet, there are still some spots left for the upcoming TaylorMade Fitting Day on the 22nd of May, from 10:00 to 14:00.

Our pros and TaylorMade experts will be there to ensure you get a chance to get fitted with the best fit for you!

To book your spot, please call the Pro Shop on 028 284 0105.


Technology to the rescue!

The SC200 Swing Caddie provides readings for swing speed, carry distance, smash factor and ball speed.
Can’t spend $25,000 for one of those premium launch monitors? Well, the new SC200 Swing Caddie is the chance for amateur golfers to get tour-grade technology for a fraction of the price ($349). This portable launch monitor is about the size of a smartphone and produces results that are almost as accurate as the high-end Trackman (independent robot testing shows a carry distance deviation of no more than 1.2 yards and a swing speed variation of no more than 1.4 miles-per-hour).

Whether you’re practicing or setting it up on the tee box on the course, this easy-to-use Swing Caddie uses Doppler Radar and something called Barometric Pressure Calibration to deliver accurate readings for swing speed, carry distance, smash factor and ball speed.

Tip of the week

Putting with loft

If you are looking for a simple approach to your short game, try "putting with loft". If your relationship with the lob wedge is on the rocks, consider trying a 7, 8 or 9 iron when you are in near proximity of the green. Use the same address fundamentals you would when using a putter. Grip down on the iron and allow your arms to hang down in an effort to create a pendulum motion. Place the golf ball in the middle of your stance and use a putting stroke (no wrist and keep your body tight). This will leave your opponents scratching their heads and reaching for their wallet while you add a little loft to your smile.

Everyone wants forgiveness

"Game improvement" means exactly that
Most golfers who have an 8 – 15 handicap are fairly good ball strikers. If that’s you, then our guess is your approach shots can be frustrating. Sometimes you’re all over the flag. Other times you’re short and possibly right. Take advantage of technology to improve your consistency.
 If you’re in the 10 – 18 handicap range then you should be looking for a model that brings you more greens hit with your #8, #7 and #6 irons. Consistency from this range lowers your score and drops your handicap. It also makes the game a lot more rewarding.
Improve your approach shots

Remember that inconsistency of ball striking can be (and often is) a consequence of irons that have the wrong lie angle/shaft length for you. Get that right with some technology that improves the consistency of strike, and golf becomes a great game.
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Knock it down. Knock it close.

The reason you now see so many Professionals hitting lower flighted, higher spinning wedge shots is that they've learned so much from launch monitor data. That data has blown away some myths.

We have learned that more spin is created by a higher spin loft (the gap between the dynamic loft and angle of attack) UP TO A POINT.
Spin actually declines once you go beyond a certain spin loft.

You can learn this shot
The right set up, with the right angle of attack, and the hands in the right position at impact and you can be hitting lower, high-spinning wedge shots that land, bounce and reverse. You’ll find it easier to be more accurate. It’s time to learn a new skill.
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