To all the dads out there

Give them a gift they really want!

13th-16th only.

• Buy any same branded glove and golf cap and save 20% on your purchase.
• Buy a sleeve of Supersoft balls and a Callaway synthetic glove for only R200.
• Buy any men’s shirt and outerwear piece and save 20% on the two items you purchase.
• Titleist Pro V 1/1x now only R164.85.
• Footjoy Pro SL shoes now only R2499.95.

June is dad's month

June is all about celebrating the fathers in our lives, especially on Friday nights!

Check out these specials happening at the Club during the month of June and make sure to get the whole family involved!


Next generation of golfers

Is your child the next Tiger?

Enter them into our #nextgengolfer event on 5 July where they not only have the opportunity to play our wonderful course and have loads of fun, but they can
make some new friends and win plenty of prizes too!

See the poster below for details.

Click to enlarge

Cool weather, hot specials!

Raffle time!

Enter a raffle for R100 a ticket and stand a chance to  win a pair of Rudi Project Sunglasses. To enter purchase your ticket at the Arabella Pro Shop

Winter specials

1st - 30th June
Get a free selected divot tool when you buy any full priced golf shirt 

Only on the 14th of June.
Buy a dozen of Callaway Magna golf balls and receive a free Callaway synthetic glove.

Rhode Island Belt and Cutter & Buck Wallet for R460 a combo.

Prepare for winter with our Callaway gift pack for R599 (A beanie, a pair of mittens & two pairs of socks).

New arrival

Callaway beanies for R299 each.

Staying warm during winter with fashionable golfing gear has become a whole lot easier.

No more 3-putts

Lag With A Purpose

Not wanting to be too aggressive on the first hole, you left your iron shot 40 feet from the cup, and the first hole isn't the place for a three-putt.

Here's the tip: Most good lag putters don't ascribe to the three-foot circle theory. Good putters try to hit the ball in the hole, not three feet from it.

Think about this:
From a long distance, it's easy to leave your putt three feet short of where you want it to stop and, if you miss the three-foot circle by that much, you're six feet from the hole.

Sounds easy right? Contact us for a guided lesson so that we can help you every step of the way.

Could you save 5 shots per round?

Let’s get that putter working for you
If you struggle to make enough 6, 8, 10 and 12-foot putts on a flat lie, there’s a real possibility that your putter is getting in the way of your fun. If you’re struggling, then set up as shown below and try 10x10 foot putts (on a flat surface).

If you’re feeling uncomfortable in this setup, or you’re still struggling to sink enough straight-forward, flat putts, then try a putter with a shorter shaft. What happens then? You might be very surprised.

Is 35“ too long for you? The average shaft length on a putter is 35“. That’s too long for the majority of golfers. It’s longer than the average putter length on the PGA Tour. Can you get into a posture that allows you to setup correctly and deliver the putter face square at impact with 35“?

Get a check-up
Improving your ability to square the putter face at impact will take up to 5 shots off your scorecard. There are some simple keys to that improvement. Set up and putter are part of that equation. So come and see us.
Book a check-up >

Enjoy the journey


 Better is more enjoyment. Better is more excitement. Better is more rewarding. Better is a look of surprise on your playing partner’s face. Better is a challenge faced and an accomplishment made.

Start a journey
Golf is even more fun when it’s a journey somewhere. It’s more than playing. It’s about growing and improving and mastering a new skill. Speak to us about our ‘Play Nine Together’ or ‘Personal Assessment’ and we’ll show you a pathway to better.
Contact us >

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