June is still dad's month

Don't let the love stop now!

Even though father's day is behind us, we are continuing our theme that June is all about celebrating the fathers in our lives, especially on Friday nights!

Check out these specials happening at the Club during the month of June and make sure to get the whole family involved!


Next generation of golfers

Is your child the next Gary Woodland?

Enter them into our #nextgengolfer event on 5 July where they not only have the opportunity to play our wonderful course and have loads of fun, but they can
make some new friends and win plenty of prizes too!

Click here for more info.

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Cool weather, hot specials!

Raffle time!

Enter a raffle for R100 a ticket and stand a chance to  win a pair of Rudi Project Sunglasses. To enter purchase your ticket at the Arabella Pro Shop

Winter specials

Staying warm during winter with fashionable golfing gear has become a whole lot easier.

Father’s day specials will continue for this week:

• Buy any same branded glove and golf cap and save 20% on your purchase.
• Buy a sleeve of Supersoft Balls and a Callaway Synthetic Glove for only R200.
• Buy any men’s shirt and outerwear piece and save 20% on the two items you purchase.
• Titleist Pro V 1/1x now only R164.85.

1st - 30th June
Get a free tombstone divot tool when you buy any full priced golf shirt 

Rhode Island Belt and Cutter & Buck Wallet for R460 a combo.

Prepare for winter with our Callaway gift pack for R599 (A beanie, a pair of mittens & two pairs of socks).

Get 2 pairs of Cutter and Buck or Rhode Island Socks when you purchase any pair of golf shoes.

22nd June only
Buy any full priced Peter Millar shirt and get a free Callaway cap.

Callaway beanies for R299 each.

We received our new Callaway Magna golf balls in store and would recommend it to any golfer with a higher handicap or a slower swing speed.
Buy a dozen of Callaway Magna Golf Balls and receive a free Callaway synthetic glove.

Two-piece ball with an Ionomer cover.
Larger balls
Available in white and yellow.

Callaway aimed to make a ball that’s easier to hit and fun to play for high-handicap and slower-swinging golfers. They are legal for play .

The Supersoft Magna was designed for higher-handicap players who struggle to make consistent contact and hit solid shots. It has the same weight as other balls because its core materials are less dense, but its larger size creates more drag, which can rob players of distance. Golfers who would consider playing a Magna - older players, junior golfers, etc.

Golfers with fast swings and who typically make solid contact will lose distance if they play a Supersoft Magna.

Don't Play It Too Safe

Calculated risk = Reward

Sometimes when you play too safe with one shot, you set yourself up for an extremely difficult and dangerous next shot. For example, if you're too cautious off the tee with a 2-iron when you should have used a 3-wood, you effectively change the next shot's degree of difficulty. Along those same lines, if you're aggressive on the front end of your plan, make sure you're aggressive on the back end (unless circumstances suddenly change).

It's foolish to play safe and then, on a whim, go for broke.

Contact us for more valuable golfing tips.

Father's Day

Arabella had a Father’s Day with loads of fun activities organised for the whole family. André was there and led the putting and chipping section for the day, joined by Etienne. What a beautiful day!


Junior Clinics

André continues with the Junior clinics every Tuesday and Thursday. Pick and choose what days work best for you and enjoy the world class coaching that André offers to all our youngsters.

Get golf fit!

If being on the course when the weather is not playing along is not for you, you can still work on your fitness, an essential element for playing golf. André is passionate about fitness and you can book a gym session with him as part of an Arabella member. You won’t regret it!

Nextgen Golfer Event

Arabella Golf Club is having a big event on 5 July aiming at getting the whole family to enjoy a wonderful time together and they are offering some wonderful discounts to stay at the hotel.

Why not take a trip to Kleinmond and stay the weekend while Juniors take part in the event! EOGA will be there and André will be organizing lots of fun activities on the greens.
(See poster above for details)

* Please note that the entrants must be course ready!

Could you save 5 shots per round?

Fraction of an inch and a matter of degrees
If you want to be a better putter; to become deadly within 12 feet; then become a fanatic about your setup and posture at address.
Remember, if your face angle is just 2° out, from just 6 feet you’re already going to miss. Every one of you can invest some effort into setting up with the putter face square to the target line.


A setup with your eyes inside, or outside the golf ball, makes it much more difficult to aim correctly. That might mean you’re square to the wrong target line. 

Most putters are 35“ in length and that leads many golfers to stand too upright forcing their eyes inside the line of the ball.
Get a check-up
Improving your ability to square the putter face at impact will likely take up to 5 shots off your scorecard. There are some simple keys to that improvement. Setup and putter are part of that equation. So come and see us.
Book a check-up >

Enjoy the journey

Golf and fitness have a lot of similarities especially when it comes to reaching for goals. For instance most people will describe their fitness goal as something like: “I want to lose weight”. But, for most, “losing weight” isn’t enough motivation to either start, or complete the journey.
You need to think through WHY you want to lose weight. What is the emotional experience you want to enjoy or pain you want to remove by losing weight. If you want to travel the journey to less weight that’s what you need to connect to.
It’s the same with golf.
Lowering your handicap is rarely enough motivation to be better.
Why would you want to be better?
What joy would you like to experience?
What pain would you like to remove? 

Start a journey
Come and share your hopes and fears with us. Let us help you with an assessment that helps us guide you on a journey to overcome the challenges of golf, and gain more of the amazing rewards this game offers. Decide to start a new journey now. Let’s go to better together.
Contact us >

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