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1st - 31st Aug 2019

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• Buy 2 Callaway Dawn Patrol gloves and get a sleeve of Callaway Supersoft or Magna balls for free!

• Buy any 2 new outerwear pieces and save 40% on second piece!

2nd - 3rd Aug 2019

• Buy any Peter Millar golf shirt and get 15% discount!

• Sleeve of Pro v 1/Pro v 1X and a FJ Weather Soft glove for only R315 , save 10%

• Sleeve of Pro v 1/Pro v 1X and a FJ Contour FLX glove for only R380, save 10% 

• Buy a dozen of Pro v 1/Pro v 1X for R800 and get a free FJ Weather Soft glove!

• Buy2 FJ Weather Soft or Contour FLX gloves  and receive a free 2ball pack of balls.

1st - 10th Aug 2019

• Rhode Island belt and Cutter & Buck wallet for only R460!

Tip of the week

Accuracy - Under swing /Over swing

An under swing occurs when your arms move too slowly during the downswing and can't keep up with your body turn. As such, your club becomes trapped (right) and the ball flies to the right. Under swinging is especially prevalent amongst women.

Over swingers (mostly men) swing their arms too quickly, invariably in an attempt to produce added power. The problem with over swinging is that when you try to hit the ball too hard, you swing too soon from the top, which loops the club out toward the target line, resulting in a pull or a pull slice.

The solution is simple

If your shots are starting to the right of target, select one less club than you'd normally hit (a 7- vs a 6-iron) and speed up your arms. If you're pulling the ball, choose one more club and slow down your arms.

 To practice these and more expert tips, book a lesson with us. You won't regret it!

Some extra knowledge

Spinning isn't always winning

Golf ball dimples are a powerful force in the game despite the fact that most players never think twice about them. You don’t really need to know much about the physics or aerodynamics about what they do to the flight of the ball, other than understanding the important role they play in the spin of your shots.

To become a better player and lower your scores, managing your spin rate is an important skill to have – and it all starts with the dimples that cover the surface of each ball in your bag. Have a look at the article below to get a better understanding as to how spin-rates affect your ball flight.

Spin: friend or foe?

This is a bigger deal than many think
A colleague of ours recently picked five golfers at random in his club. Three men and two women of differing ages. He spent 20 minutes with each one and their driver (along with alternative configurations).
Changing the spin rate with the same swing speed has a huge impact on the distance the ball travels. Too much backspin for the ball speed and the ball will have too much lift and balloon. Too little spin and the ball doesn’t have enough lift and dies quickly. (Read The Magnus effect and Bernoulli's principle if you want more physics).
The laws of physics (proven with the data from hundreds of thousands of golf swings) means that those with slower swing speeds generally benefit from a higher launch angle and more spin, than someone with more aggressive swing speeds.
Matching swing speed, ball speed, launch angle, and spin rate on tee shots, will make upwards of 40 metres of difference for some golfers. How much difference would it make to you?

Don’t let spin rob you
Book an assessment with us and let's find your personal launch DNA: the perfect match of launch and spin for the ball speed you’re creating.
Contact us >

It’s time to do something

What is happening to our children?
Right now, we have a younger generation who are expected to LOSE 5 years of expected life because of childhood obesity, poor nutrition and activity, and the rise of type-2 diabetes and coronary disease.  Golf can help reverse this trend.
We need children to become more active. Of course, they need to participate in more than one activity, but golf should be one of the activities. It has everything for a child.
Start your child now
With young children we’re not thinking about creating Tour superstars, we’re trying to introduce them to a past-time that will offer them the chance to live an active and social lifestyle that will make them healthier for their whole life. It’s time to do something.
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