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Specials from 01-31 August 2019
Buy any two men's shirts and get a 3rd one for free (cheapest one free).
Buy any two ladies shirts and get a 3rd one for free (cheapest one free)
Buy any three logo caps and only pay for two.
Buy two gloves and get a sleeve of Supersoft or Magna balls for free.
Buy two new outerwear pieces and save 40% on the 2nd item.
Special on 16 August 2019
Buy any full priced shirt and outerwear pieces and save 10% on the two items.
Specials running from 09-15 August 2019
Buy any Rudy Project sunglasses at the full price and receive a dozen Supersoft balls for free.
Specials running from 23-25 August 2019
Buy two Panoramic towels for only R 350.
Buy any Callaway shirt and receive a Callaway weather spann glove for free.
Buy any daily sport shirt and get a free Callaway hat clip.

Make speed your new middle name

Titleist say that the outer portions of the core in the Pro V1 and the dual core of the Pro V1x have both increased in stiffness, whilst remaining soft in the middle, which again generates higher ball speed and lower long game spin.

 When choosing which of the two balls is the best for your game, the same rules as in previous generations of the Pro V remain.

The Pro V1 provides optimal flight and spin for the majority of golfers, with a lower, more penetrating flight than the X and a very soft feel.

The Pro V1x flies a little higher with more spin generated on approach shots, and a slightly firmer feel, and tends to suit those golfers with high swing speeds or high spinners.

The Pro V1 is a three-piece ball, compared to the Pro V1x as a four-piece, and has 352 dimples compared to the X’s 328.

Tip of the week

Be a better putter on fast greens

With the change of season, many different aspects of the golf course change with it. The golf ball rolls more, less spin on and around the greens, the speed and firmness of the greens, etc. Many players tend to struggle on the greens in particular. In this week’s tip, we will be focusing on putting on fast greens. It all comes down to feel and technique however, this is not an easy task; here are some tips to help you become a better putter in these conditions:

The most important aspect is to learn how to lag your putts. The pace is more important than the line.
 Be careful of that awkward comeback putt. Aim to leave your long putts close to the hole.
 Remember to use a pendulum motion made by rocking your shoulders to make a solid stroke.
 Putt it off the toe on downhill putts to deaden the putt.
 Try and leave yourself with an uphill putt.
 Remember that you will miss putts, stay calm and do not get frustrated as this will only make you miss more putts.
 Always remember to putt with "soft hands". This will provide better feel.

A good drill before your round is to putt several balls uphill on the putting green, then putt them downhill again. This will give you a good idea of the speed of the greens and will assist with your feel. Try to stay calm and focused on each putt. We hope that these tips help you.

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Spin: friend or foe?

This impacts better players too
Last week we showed how many golfers have a simple swing fault that is robbing them of 21 metres. They strike their tee shots with a slightly descending blow (just 5°) rather than a slightly ascending blow.
One of the characteristics of better players is a better swing, but it's also often a faster swing speed. However, when we look at most of our better golfers, while they don’t strike the ball on the tee with a descending blow, they’re often "neutral", so even for them, the distance they’re being robbed of is substantial.

Don’t let spin rob you
Book an assessment with us and let's find your personal launch DNA: the perfect match of launch and spin for the ball speed you’re creating.
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It’s time to do something

This is wrong, let's reverse the trend
Between 2002 and 2012, the incidence of type-2 diabetes in children increased by 5% according to research done for the Center for Disease Control and Prevention. Further research indicates that we can expect to see an even faster acceleration by 2022.
You might think that golf isn’t a sport or activity that burns the most calories. You might think that there are more intense sports. But you’ll struggle to find a sport that gives a child so much.

We know golf is good for children
If you have a child or grandchild, then let’s get them started playing golf. We’ll make it fun and enjoyable, social, and active. We want them to be healthier for their whole life. We want them to have those 5 years back. It’s time to do something.
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