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Embrace the spring season!

Join us this Friday for a glass of Voorgee Wine and a gourmet burger and chips for only R120 pp.

Have a ball of a time 

Speed, distance and forgiveness
Srixon has got you covered

The double pack –Ultisoft – Soft Feel and the Z-Star have now hit our shelves.

The Soft Feel and Ultisoft is R99.95 per pack

Z-STAR is R199.95 per pack

Get carried away with Callaway

Heard the exciting news? We are offering Callaway 5-pack at the price of 4 sleeves.

Travel in style


EOGA tip of the week

You want to learn how to putt with feedback?

Are you reading the green correctly, starting the ball on your intended line, with the right speed?

Here are a few tips to give you a better idea on the green:

TIP 1: Use a tee peg

This can be used to check your green reading as well as your ability to start the ball on your intended line.

a) Place a tee peg next to your ball, and another on your aim point.

b) Hit the putt. You’ll be able to see if your start line was good or not as you see the ball rolling towards the tee.

c) Get feedback, roll a ball down the putt and check how good your aim point is.

TIP 2: Use a tripod

When you practice, take a tripod (if you have no mates) with you on the green and set it up behind you. Indicate your aim point with a tee and record yourself hitting the putt.

 Do you need more personalised help? Contact your coach directly. Contact André at andre@eoga.co.za or on 082 860 4977.

Fitting for approach shot magic

We want you to evolve your thinking about your approach shots. Get more demanding about the results you want. Work with us on improving your performance.
Let’s start with what you should demand from the partnership that is your swing and your irons.
Adding distance means you're playing a shorter club. That means literally a shorter length club. That makes it easier to square the club face and launch the ball high and with accuracy.
Squaring the face to target and squaring the sole to the ground at impact means you’ll hit more shots tighter to the target. Technique is important. Fitting is imperative. Yes, fitting is imperative to accuracy.
Once your approach hits the green you want stopping power. That requires spin and an angle of descent that means the ball will sit. So, you want technology in your iron that launches your ball on a great trajectory.

Now improve your approach
Book an assessment with us now. Let us look at your swing and technique; your irons and how the technology helps you. Let us improve the three dimensions above. Improve these and it increases the number of magical moments on the course.
Make more magic >

Fall in love with golf

We’re not trying to create the next great tour superstar. We’re trying to help junior golfers fall in love with the game of golf.

If we can do that, they’ll be healthier, happier, and have a game and friends for a lifetime.

 Whether they’ve played the game before, play the game now, or have never played the game, we’ll promise you that we’ll take care of them, and set them on the pathway to a lifelong love affair with the game.
Sign your children up for one of our fun junior golf programmes.
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