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Get the kids outside and keep them busy this summer!

Hot summer specials!

Get kitted out for the upcoming season

Make sure to make your way into the Shop to take advantage of these great specials just in time for the summer golf season. Remember, when you look good, you play even better!

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Stay in style, play in paradise

Check out these amazing golf stay & play packages and enjoy a night or two at one of South Africa's finest golf courses!


EOGA tip of the week

Would you like to experience some bunker magic?

Many golfers absolutely dread bunker play and have very little, if any, confidence.

If this is you, ignore everything you’ve been trying until now and try the following tips to see a dramatic improvement.

1. Setup: stay square

· Setting up open is probably the most harmful thing you can do.
· Go for a square aim so that you can allow the club head to overtake more.
· Keep the club handle behind the ball at contact.


2. Swing feeling: Keep your body still!

· This is where having a strong core and strong glutes helps.
· Try and glue your posture so that your strike area stays consistent.
· Try and swing only with your arms and club, and not your body.

· Remember that a weight shift and hip turn is for full swing mechanics; it helps you to strike the ball first. This is not what you want for bunker shots.

3. Enjoy the success!

If you would like to get personalised advice, contact André at and
082 860 4977.

Fitting for approach shot magic

When we fit you for new irons, we can add "distance" which means a shorter club. And using a club with a shorter shaft on approach shots leads to more accuracy.
Many club makers have identified 37 as an important point in shaft length. Above that length and most golfer’s consistency of contact starts to deteriorate rapidly. So allowing you to hit a 37“ #7 iron rather than a ‘longer’ #6 iron is a big deal.
has been part of a materials and design revolution. New materials allow them to be thinner and faster. New internal design is supporting the next generation of irons to allow even more speed across more of the face.

Now improve your approach
Book an assessment with us now. Let us look at your swing and technique; your irons and how the technology helps you. Let us improve the number of magical moments you have on the course.
Make more magic >

Fall in love with golf

The boost, thrill, and growth we see in a child when they start to master a particular golf skill gives us tremendous fulfillment. As we start to see them fall in love with the game and find new connections with others on a similar journey, we know we’re doing our job.
 If we can do that, they’ll be healthier, happier, and have a game and friends for a lifetime.
Sign your children up for one of our fun junior golf programmes. We’ll set them on the pathway to a lifelong love affair with the game.
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