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EOGA's tip of the week

The Dreaded Three Putt

Everyone who’s played golf has had a 3 putt and experienced that bitter taste as they walk off the green to the next tee bemoaning themselves for missing that second putt. Below is a tip to help you with it avoid that situation:

Setup 1: setup position
The setup of any golf shot is very important as you can see in the two pictures below.

In the incorrect setup, there is an increase in the amount of wrist action in the putting stroke, leading to poor distance control and direction.

In the correct setup, the player makes a putting stroke with his arms and shoulders leading to an increased feel of the putter and in turn more control of distance and direction.

Step 2: the stroke

Wrist action is a very important and useful part of the golf swing but NOT in putting.

In the pictures below are examples of backswing and follow through with a lot of wrist angle. This leads to very poor distance control and most probably will result in a few 3 putts.


Below are examples of backswing and follow through with no wrist angle allowing the player to feel the head of the putter and control the length of the swing with his arms and shoulders. This leads to better distance control and less chance of 3 putting.


We hope this tip helps you next time you go out to play or practice.

If you need any further information on this aspect or any aspect of the game of golf, please find your EOGA coach:
André Loots at andre@eoga.co.za or 0828604977.

What are you buying?

You want confidence that your Iron is going to help you hit a solid and accurate approach shot.
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Champ the champion

PGA Tour’s longest player wins with Srixon Z-STAR

Cameron Champ has won his second PGA tour trophy within two years of switching to the Srixon Z-STAR XV golf ball.

  On his way to victory at this year’s Safeway Open, Champ topped the Driving Distance and Scrambling rankings. An achievement no doubt helped by playing a ball that’s long off the tee and soft around the green.

Consistently better

What part of your body controls your swing?  Too many golfers struggle with consistency because their hands (and arms) are too involved in their golf swing.
 A swing controlled by the hands and arms depends too much on the finer, smaller muscles. Swinging on plane becomes difficult. Consistency of ball striking is impossible. And it's much more difficult to create power.

You need to let the large muscles control the swing to create consistency and power.

 Test it out on the range
On the range, feel what part of your body starts your backswing and what part starts your downswing. Controlling the first movement of both the backswing and downswing with the correct part of your body can be a big pay-off for most of you.
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