Testimonials are necessary

For any business these days

Everyone likes it when people say nice things about them.  However, it goes a bit further than words on a page.  Validation is important not only for us as a staff, but for you as well.  It helps determine where we can improve as a company to help you play your best and enjoy golf more.  Almost as important, it helps you decide whether to continue to trust your game to us or to trust us for the very first time.

"Tim, my name is “T,” and I wanted you to know I came into your shop and received outstanding customer service.  It’s refreshing to walk into a store in today’s world and get the service your staff provided.  The guy that fixed my lie angles was very knowledgeable and said I should have you take a look at my swing.  I just moved here from Chicago, and I’ve been trying out a few teaching pros, trying to settle on an instructor.  If you get a chance, please give me a call or shoot me a text as I would like to set up a lesson.  I’ve been fighting the full swing and chipping yips for a while now on the course.  Thanks!" ~ T

Neal and Adam are in the back, knocking it out of the park.  They build everyone’s irons in the store and of course, their own.  They treat EVERY set of irons like it belongs to them.  And for a few days, they do. They’re not cutting any corners to get sets turned out, and they make sure that everything is as right as they can make them before they leave the store.  Once Tim fits someone to their exact specifications, everything is ordered, and once it arrives, it’s placed in their capable hands.  Whether it’s a PGA Tour Pro or you, who plays when you can, it gets the same treatment.  Nothing less will do
Good job as always guys!

The Golf Station Special Fitting Event

On Friday and Saturday from 9am to 5pm, we’re going to be doing fittings with our kick-butt fitting cart all day at Grapevine Golf Club.  All the major brands are loaded and ready to be fit to you on the spot with over 100 heads and 300 shafts. 

Call us today at 817.595.4653 for an appointment to be fit this weekend, or for any other questions you might have regarding anything we do and the services we provide.

We know we can help your game!

Simplify your short game

Reap the rewards of great wedge play
Over the past three weeks, we have discussed the importance of great distance control in your wedge game and how it can help you lower your scores, improve your skills and get more from your golf. 
Create a wedge chart.
There are many advantages:
- Greater distance control
- Improved accuracy
- Better shot execution under pressure
- Added confidence from a variety of distances
- Less technical swing thoughts
- Better game management.
Armed with your wedge chart and your favorite distance with your favorite wedge, you’ll know where to lay-up if you can’t get to the green with your approach. That’s better game management. Every golfer, whatever their handicap, should have a wedge chart.
Fill your wedge chart
To gauge a distance for each of your swings for each wedge can be difficult without assistance. So why not book a session with us. Let’s complete your wedge chart and at the same time, we can look over your three swings. Maybe there are other improvements.
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Ten shots better

Worthwhile practice that pays back
How easy should a chip shot be? What should you be averaging to hole out from within 10 yards of the green playing a chip shot?
 How many times out of 10, do you take 2 and how many times is it 3 shots? Are you as good as you would be with a putter in hand?
A very common fault we see with less experienced golfers, is an attempt to “flick” at the ball on chip shots. Too much wrist action ends up with too many shots thinned, and certainly very inconsistent contact. If you’re not really in control of this shot, then come and learn the correct technique.
Then practice using some simple aids – as shown here – and set out to gain control over where your ball lands and how much it rolls. Watch Martin Hall show you a neat practice station to perfect your technique.

Watch now >

The ten-shot assessment
The right technique on just four shorter golf shots, can save most golfers 10 shots and more in a round. For many that’s a single figure handicap. For all, it’s a round full of great saves, and more opportunities. Start with an assessment. Let’s discover how many shots we can improve your game by.
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