Congrats to Gary Woodland

I love first-time winners of majors.  I love the fact that it's life-changing, even for a veteran, on whatever tour it might be on.  Gary Woodland by all accounts is the guy you see on TV.  And when he took control of the US Open, I couldn't have rooted harder for a guy to get his first major.  I won't rehash the viral videos (which were pretty cool), but I love the equipment side of things.  Gary won with PING G410 Woods with Accra Shafts in them, Wilson Staff Blades, Titleist SM7 Wedges, a TaylorMade Hi-Toe Lob Wedge, Scotty Cameron Newport Putter, and the venerable Pro V1 ball.  All, of course, are available to be fit within our four walls.

With Wilson being the only sponsor he has for his irons (and they secured their 61st major win), he was free to choose whatever else he wanted to play.  More and more Pros are going this route.  A Pro like Brooks Koepka plays brands like Mizuno, TaylorMade, and Titleist, and none of them pay him a dime.  I think the results speak for themselves over the past couple of years.

These guys are singing for their supper for whatever they play the best. That's what we like to see here at The Golf Station.  Since we're not brand loyal, whatever fits, fits. That's something you're probably not going to see at a big box store, and we're definitely going to fit it better and take the time to get it right.

Get your mental game right

But we all know it's not just the equipment. It's about a playing mentality. It's that mentality that a particular guy named Tiger who had nothing to play for and having started at +4, grinding out a finish of -2 on Sunday.  Woodland used his mental game to grind out his three-shot win and hold off a charging Koepka when it was starting to look shaky at times.

I can tell you it's invaluable to have a Pro on staff who can help a junior or a long-time golfer focus during a round and grind when they have to.  If you're looking for strategies to focus during tough parts of your round, give us a call to help get your mind right.  At tough moments, I've heard Tim in my head, telling me to get my thoughts together and grind.  Whether I had to rally to limit damage on a hole, or when I'm playing for a dollar against a playing partner, I have thoughts I use to help me focus.  And he can do the same for you.

Equipment updates

Titleist is sending out updates in drips and drabs, not that there's anything wrong with that. The T200 and T300 Irons have been announced as modern replacements for their outstanding AP series.  These are being redesigned to add more power and forgiveness to the heads.  As we get more information, you will too.

Why so many updates?

I've read a couple of emails from you nice people and heard from a bunch of golfers here that they're not thrilled about new gear, regardless of the company. I'll give you my opinion on all of this.  People are criticizing something they've never hit.  Much of this stuff is not available to us mere mortals yet.  If you're talking to me after you've hit them, I'm cool with that.  And I get it, if you like traditional looking irons, specific irons might not be your cup of tea.  But you don't hit a ball with the back of an iron, and very few have seen any new equipment from any company up close.

I can't speak from a high horse. I've said the same thing.  But now being in the industry to a point and talking to people who design equipment over the years, I get what they're trying to do and why.  What I've never heard from a club designer or an engineer is "We're trying to draw out releases to make a buck." While this might be true for most companies, you'll never hear it from anyone outside of marketing or corporate.  But companies make new equipment to help make your game better, especially if it's been a few years since you upgraded. I'm in the process of a bag overhaul now. It's an acknowledgment of what I need to play my best and to admit that I need help in certain areas due to what my body will let me do and what I want to improve on all through the bag.  About two and a half years is long enough.

If it's been that long for you (or longer) there are dozens of new options currently available or coming soon.  Click here or call us at 817.595.4653 to let us know what we can do for you to help you get your game into shape.

Could you save 5 shots per round?

Fraction of an inch and a matter of degrees
If you want to be a better putter; to become deadly within 12 feet; then become a fanatic about your setup and posture at address.
Remember, if your face angle is just 2° out, from just 6 feet you’re already going to miss. Every one of you can invest some effort into setting up with the putter face square to the target line.


A setup with your eyes inside, or outside the golf ball, makes it much more difficult to aim correctly. That might mean you’re square to the wrong target line. 

Most putters are 35“ in length and that leads many golfers to stand too upright forcing their eyes inside the line of the ball.
Get a check-up
Improving your ability to square the putter face at impact will likely take up to 5 shots off your scorecard. There are some simple keys to that improvement. Setup and putter are part of that equation. So come and see us.
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Enjoy the journey

Golf and fitness have a lot of similarities especially when it comes to reaching for goals. For instance most people will describe their fitness goal as something like: “I want to lose weight”. But, for most, “losing weight” isn’t enough motivation to either start, or complete the journey.
You need to think through WHY you want to lose weight. What is the emotional experience you want to enjoy or pain you want to remove by losing weight? If you want to travel the journey to less weight that’s what you need to connect to.
It’s the same with golf.
Lowering your handicap is rarely enough motivation to be better.
Why would you want to be better?
What joy would you like to experience?
What pain would you like to remove? 

Start a journey
Come and share your hopes and fears with us. Let us help you with an assessment that helps us guide you on a journey to overcome the challenges of golf, and gain more of the amazing rewards this game offers. Decide to start a new journey now. Let’s get better together.
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