Proper fittings

Every time!

"Tommy/Tim, I just got some new irons, and I just wasn’t happy with the process.  I just hit a bunch of irons, and the guy rattled off numbers about spin and launch.  I guess I’m grateful I was fit, but now I have some buyers remorse.  They don’t feel like they did in the store and frankly, it wasn’t explained to me what was going on.  Do you have any advice?" P.B.

Give us a call at 817.595.4653 to make an appointment for a bag evaluation, and bring them in.  Let us see if the clubs will work for you.  If they were properly fit, we’ll tell you.  If they weren’t, we’ll make them work and perform the way you had intended, if not better. 

With over 400 shafts on the wall, we’ll find one that makes the ball dance off your irons.



Just the right amount
Goes a long way for our children.

"How do I get my daughter into the game?  I play every chance I get, and she rides in the cart with me but doesn’t show any interest in playing." A.

You can’t force it!  You can let her try it to see if she catches the bug by maybe enrolling her into a summer camp or take some junior lessons.  My son began watching golf with me at two.  I put plastic clubs in my son’s hand and just kept exposing him to the game.  I took him to the range the first time at about seven and just let him beat balls until he was tired.  I didn’t worry about grip or stance yet; we focused on the fun

When he expressed interest, and he really wanted to play, that’s when we began to get more serious about it with lessons, but always focusing on fun.  Believe me; it was hard.  Tim had to pull me back at times and remind me he was a kid.   I’ve seen parents push their kids pretty hard to be perfect on the range and the course, even during Junior League events when my son played a few years ago.

Can't see the forest...?

Speaking of my junior:  I felt like an idiot this weekend.  It wasn’t the three putting that suddenly came out of nowhere.  No, it was my son and his driving.  No matter what he did, he simply couldn’t stop slicing.  For months he would keep working at it and didn’t want me anywhere near him.  He tried to figure it out on his own.  Of course, I was racking my brain to give him a suggestion or two without giving him a suggestion.

Then while watching him hit balls this weekend, it hit me.  I told him to choke down a full inch and move the ball back in his stance a bit.  Then it happened.  He hit 12 high draws and that grin I was used to seeing reappeared.  Then it dawned on me finally.  He had never been properly fit for his driver.  I assumed he would grow into it.  Much to his dismay, he hasn’t budged past 5’9 in almost a year, and his equipment didn’t fit.

To paraphrase Argentina’s Roberto De Vicenzo after the Masters, “What a stupid I am.”  I work with a golf store.  Friends never fit yourself.  But more importantly, NEVER try to fit your junior golfer.  I’m grateful he didn’t give up and kept trying.  Receiving bad instruction or using ill-fitting equipment could ingrain some bad habits or worse, hurt a kid’s drive to golf and they quit out of frustration.

We should do everything we can to encourage our kids in the game. Proper equipment, lessons, and simple encouragement no matter how they do on the range or in competition will go a long way in helping them play now and for the rest of their lives.

If your junior is ready to try to play, we’re ready to help with expert lessons and a state of the art facility which will help them start in the right direction at setting them up for success at the very beginning. 

Click here or call 817.595.4653 for more information to set up a lesson.  We’ll help your son or daughter in whatever goals they might have!

Center of Gravity (CoG) matters

To old & young, male & female, skilled & inexperienced
Whether you swing your driver particularly fast or very slow, the CoG location of your driver impacts significantly on your tee shot performance and playing experience.

Especially to those with slower swing speeds or those with very, very fast swing speeds the difference in tee shot improvement we can create, just by changing launch conditions, can be beyond 40 yards. That’s not just a great feeling when you hit the ball further; that could mean an easier #8 iron second shot vs. a more difficult #5 iron. Who wouldn’t want that?

Fix your millimeters and yards
Get every yard off the tee your potential deserves. Come and have a tee shot assessment and let's see how we can add 20, 30 and even more yards to your tee shots.
Contact us >

It’s time to do something

This is wrong, let's reverse the trend
Between 2002 and 2012, the incidence of type-2 diabetes in children increased by 5% according to research done for the Center for Disease Control and Prevention. Further research indicates that we can expect to see an even faster acceleration by 2022.
You might think that golf isn’t a sport or activity that burns the most calories. You might think that there are more intense sports. But you’ll struggle to find a sport that gives a child so much.

We know golf is good for children
If you have a child or grandchild, then let’s get them started playing golf. We’ll make it fun and enjoyable, social, and active. We want them to be healthier for their whole life. We want them to have those 5 years back. It’s time to do something.
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