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Tim has played out of his mind with his Titleist T100 Irons since he received them.  He’s taken to his new irons shockingly fast.  This is significant for these reasons:

I’ve known Tim for a long time.  He hates changing equipment.  When an established player like Tim is handed new equipment there is a period of adjustment compared to their old gear.  The transition was seamless.

The Titleist T100’s have turned the heads of our boss.  There’s a highly technical reason that I’m studying about.  But for now, I’ll say “pixie dust.” 

The Titleist T300 Irons

I recently tested the T300 Irons, which are more for my game, and they are the absolute truth.  These are, to use the overused term,
“rocket launchers.” 

All this is a testament to Titleist’s equipment R&D.  They’re leading in almost every major category on the PGA Tour.  Changing from the venerable AP line to the new T Series was a bold move for Titleist.  It’s paying off in spades for their Professionals and for amateurs like us, it’s going to be amazing.

Get fit?

I don't think I am good enough!

"I have to admit, I’m intimidated to get fit.  I’ve read a number of your newsletters and feel like I’m overwhelmed with the options and decisions that need to be made.  If I’m being honest, I’m not sure if I’m good enough to care about heads, shafts, the ball and all the things that seem like I have to think about.  I usually buy off the rack, get water balls online and just go play with limited success. 

Can Tim help me through all of that?"

Tim will help you through as much or as little as you need.  Since you’re looking in the archives of the newsletters you’ve seen me write at least a few dozen times, “It’s your money.”  This is an investment in something you obviously like to do, and there are many stores that will give you lip service and shuffle you out the door and no resolution if there’s a problem.  Not with us.  If we do something wrong, we’ll work to make it right.

But as for helping someone through the process of choosing equipment all the way down to the ball, we can do that.  We’re not brand loyal so whatever fits, is what we go with.  We recently had a customer get placed in a PING G410 Driver, Callaway Irons and Vokey Wedges and the best performing ball for him was a ProV1.  Tim took him from the studio to Grapevine Golf Course (which I really want to play soon), once his bag arrived, and watched him play.  We got them exactly right the first time.  No muss, no fuss.

Everybody deserves a solid fitting!

If you’re ready to get fit for the first time in a long time, or the first time ever, click here or call us at 817.595.4653 for an appointment to
Get Golf Station Fit!

Center of Gravity (CoG) matters

It's why an assessment and fitting matters
If two drivers with exactly the same loft and shaft can have a difference of 20 plus yards in how far you hit the ball off the tee, then there’s one irrefutable conclusion.
What you should be buying is yards NOT a driver. Yes, every time you’re buying a driver, we should be helping you to find the configuration that maximizes your ball speed and then matches that to an angle of launch and spin rate on the ball to get you the biggest distance improvement without you losing control.
Matching swing speed, ball speed, launch angle, and spin rate on tee shots, will make upwards of 40 yards of difference for some golfers. How much difference would it make to you?

Come and grab some yards
Get every yard off the tee your potential deserves. Come and have a tee shot assessment and let's see how we can add 20, 30 and even more yards to your tee shots.
Contact us >

It’s time to do something

Everyone benefits
Scientific research indicates that, despite the medical advances that are curing many diseases, the life-expectancy of the latest generation is going to be 5 years less than we currently live!
Last week we reported on the alarming rise in type-2 diabetes in children, youths, and teens.
We promoted golf as part of an active lifestyle. Well guess what?
“Golf is proven to be great for your health over your whole lifetime.”
Golf and Health and the University of Edinburgh published an infographic that highlighted the level of reduced risk of chronic health conditions if you have an active lifestyle.
If you didn’t think that golf was an active lifestyle then note
just how active it is.

Help your family live an active lifestyle
So, as well as improving the life of a child or grandchild, introducing golf to a spouse or sibling whatever their age will improve their lifestyle and contribute to a longer and better life. It’s time to do something.
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