Confidence is a powerful thing

“Maybe it’s me, but I don’t really care for irons that look “girly.”  I’m sure I’m not alone in saying that.  But something that just screams bright purple doesn’t make me think people treat me seriously as a golfer.”
– A

I get it. Companies don’t make it easy sometimes. Ladies equipment is made to help that golfer swing faster. And generally, that’s enough. But companies color them in pastel colors which can make someone stand out (and not always in a good way). I’m not going to get into the marketing of it all, but one thing I can tell you by watching a lot of LPGA golf is the ladies are not playing pink iron heads with rainbows and unicorns.

But what about the better amateur or elite player? Well, simply you’re fit into something that suits your game. Forgive me for the chauvinistic phrase, “men’s clubs.” A golfer generally wants to play something they see on TV or at least something that doesn’t look funny. One thing I can promise you is that we’re not going to fit you into something that looks like you won’t want to play it. Confidence is a powerful thing:  If you don’t like what you’re looking at you’re not going to believe it’s going to work for you.  At that point, you’re wasting time and more importantly, your hard-earned disposable income.

And of course, we have another testimonial, but another long one this time. I love these!

“I was looking for an updated fitting since the clubfitter I’ve used in the past had moved on and left the area. I found something close to home with The Golf Station.

My intent was to just get a feel for all the new offerings and go back at some point and maybe purchase new irons. I was skeptical to use anyone new, so I went in just hoping to have some fun at demo day. Fast forward to the end, I not only bought a new set of Srixon irons but also a driving iron and new wedges, all with custom shafts more suited to my game. I was always a Titleist guy but thanks to the expertise of the staff at The Golf Station and opening my mind a little, got a set of irons that produce a better flight, longer distance and more forgiveness just based on what fit my swing the best. 

Tim also took the time to provide a little instruction as I went through the fitting process and the effect on my game has really got me excited. My handicap is a 3 and falling thanks to two of my best rounds this year since taking the new irons to the course. I already want to come back to add another wedge since Tim taught me better how to stagger my wedge lofts for optimal results based on my game. Can't say enough good things about my experience so a big thanks to Tim, Adam and Neal at The Golf Station.”
– T


Straight forward and to the point. This customer was demanding, in a good way, and very respectful. He’s a player and knew what he wanted. He’d been fit before and didn’t just trust anyone. We put him into Srixon Z785 Irons and a ZU85 Driving Iron and Vokey Wedges. I know that they will serve him well. I mean, he had his two best rounds of the year with new custom fit clubs.

Seriously, what are you waiting for?

We can and will make your game better. Call us at 817.595.4653 or CLICK HERE to get almost any golf question answered.  Whether it’s equipment or general inquiries, we’re here to help!

Spin: friend or foe?

The impact zone and launch
In the last weeks we’ve described how a simple swing fault (the angle of attack) can lower launch angle and increase spin, robbing you of 20+ yards of tee shot distance. Miss the sweet spot, and you lose more than ball speed, you also impact your launch DNA.
A common error we see is golfers consistently making contact below the sweet spot. It might still feel solid, but tests run by Golf Magazine revealed a likely loss of up to 4° of launch angle and an increase of nearly 800rpm. For the regular golfer that’s a loss of between 10 and 15 yards.

Most manufacturers are now working hard to release new drivers that protect launch and spin, as well as ball speed away from the sweet spot. That helps make significant improvements to average distance as well as increasing the distance on your perfect strikes.


Don’t let spin rob you
Book an assessment with us and let's find your personal launch DNA: the perfect match of launch and spin for the ball speed you’re creating.
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Fall in love with golf

It’s not just children and young people that want to know that learning golf is a fun process right from the start. Anyone learning the game wants to know that.
So introduce fun into someone’s life.
If you have a spouse or sibling or friend that doesn’t play golf, then introduce us to them. We can introduce them to the game making sure they’re enjoying the experience right from the get-go. We’ll make sure they’re comfortable. We’ll introduce them to people just like them. People who want to give golf a try. We’ll help them make new friends and discover the thrill of a sweetly struck golf shot.
Send your details or contact us with their details.
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