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This week Tim is out of pocket in The Golfing Machine Masters Certification.  Only those invited by The Golfing Machine can take part of this class which involves intense classroom, instruction to demonstrate knowledge and a thesis to prove that they know the ins and outs of not only the golf swing, but how the body works.

Tim will only be the second Masters Certified Instructor in Texas.  This is significant for two reasons:  The first is obvious: He’ll only be the second Masters Certified Instructor in Texas!  The second, and more importantly, he’ll be bringing even more expertise to you, our family.  We’re always learning and growing, and he’s no exception!

So, until he’s done, it’s just you and me, like always!

The best bag I've ever had!

“Please pass my thanks to Tim and his staff on the bag they built me.  It’s the best one I’ve ever been fit into in 30 years of playing.  I’m glad I came all the way from McKinney after a friend recommended you.  And the fact I could get fit for a Scotty [Cameron] was a complete and unexpected bonus.  And I was in shock.  I’ve been using the wrong putter for years.  You’re my new store.  Get used to it!”D.D.

Thank you for the praise and we hope you’re enjoying you enjoyed your bag before winter showed up for a bit in Texas.  This is what he was fit into:

PING G410 9 Degree
Titleist TS3 3 Wood
Titleist U510 2 iron hybrid
Titleist U500 3-4 iron hybrid
Titleist T200 5-9 iron
Vokey SM7 Wedges 46.10-F Grind, 52.8-F Grind, 58.12-D Grind
Scotty Cameron Terryium 22 Fastback 1.5

We almost made it all Titleist all the way through, but the numbers were better in the PING.  You have to go with what works!

If we can help you find your best bag ever, please

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I've never been fit!

“I’ve never been fit, but like to play.  I’m still using old clubs my brother gave me back in 2004.  Everyone seems to think that certain equipment fits a certain player.  What do you think?”C.

Equipment recommendations are subjective.  I’ll use Tim as an example (Yeah maybe not a fair comparison but hang with me).  Tim can play a “little bit.”  He uses a slight cavity back in his Titleist T100 and a slightly hollowed design in his CNCPT irons.  Can he play blades?  Yes.  To be honest, he probably should play blades.  I’ve seen him fire off 8 birdies in 18 holes with a set of blades in his bag on a trip.

He chooses not to because while he can play a butter knife, he wants “easy” for his rounds.  Easy for him, would probably be a difficult for anyone that’s not a solid ball striker.  Use those recommendations as a guide, but to know what you really need, you’ll need to come get fit to know what suits your game and your goals.

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I get a lot of questions from people that are not only from our site, but also on golf blogs, but right here at home.  I’m an established member on a blog almost since its inception and virtually all my friends right here at home know “I write some newsletter about golf equipment.”

So, when a buddy’s game has gone south, I’ll get a text.  Sure, I’ll give out a tip or two here or there with things that worked for me, but I don’t make it a habit.  I don’t want to mess anyone else up.  But the number one and two things I tell them when they’re looking a change in their games, before you do anything else, take a lesson and think about changing the golf ball they use.  I don’t even make a recommendation, but I do ask how they play and what they want their ball to do. 

I alternate between the Titleist AVX and the ProV1, depending on where I’m playing.  Most of my playing partners are driven by the cost of the ball.  I get that, but if you’re going to spend $500+ on a driver, but use “Brand X” you found in the mud near a pond and expect that ball to perform for you, you’re kidding yourself.  I don’t care what anyone plays to be honest.  There are great golf balls at great price points, but you have to have to know how you play and what you want a ball to do.

I switched because while the shaft I use has an initial high launch, I don’t want the ball to fly sky high, and I need it to stop on the greens on some courses and need it to run more on others.  A ball that costs $20 a box might do it for you, but it also might not.  Tim can help you determine which ball is right for your game.  With over 20 years as a playing professional, instructor and fitter, it won’t take long to get a good option to change your game. 

And if it turns out you really want those new clubs, it’s a lock we can help with that.  Better than anyone.  Bold statement, but I’ve seen it hundreds of times.  I’ve put my own money on it, so I feel confident if you do too, you won’t regret it.

Next week, you’ll get to see something special, at least to me: My bag. I can’t wait!

Click here or call us at 817.595.4653 for information regarding equipment, instruction or for accessories or clothing.  From your head to your feet, we can help you play your best and get Golf Station Fit!

What are you buying?

There is something exquisite about finding the sweet spot with an iron. Everything feels so perfect at that moment.
Achieving that moment requires, returning the clubface square to the target with the sole square to the turf. That’s very difficult if the lie angle/shaft length combination is wrong for you.
Over 80% of golfers play with equipment that makes it more difficult to experience the perfect iron shot. You can change your experience. You can make more magic.

You can do this
Let’s get your irons checked. Let’s help you make sure you have a setup that makes it easier to create more magical moments. Come and see us. Call us, or
Book an equipment assessment >

Read the wind

You ought to have a very good idea of your distances with each club. Create your own distance chart.

If you want some help creating your distance chart come and see us; or send us a request and we’ll reach out to you.
Contact us >
You’ll make better club selections with your own table. You’ll under-club less often because you’ll be much more aware of your usual distance with a club.

We often hear a wind described as a one-club or two-club wind. But the actual impact on distance is greater with a head wind than a tail wind. Golf Digest tests that showed a particular wind speed taking 17 yards OFF the distance on ball strikes into the wind. When the wind was behind the golfer, it only added about 66% of that. 
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