Closing out 2019

Welcome to the last newsletter of the year!

As much as I enjoy bringing my thoughts, equipment news and testimonials to you, I'm glad I'll get a little breather before we jump into 2020.

The final newsletter of the year is an addendum to a recent newsletter from Eric. He sent us a nice email updating us on how he was getting along with his new irons. He said a Christmas card would be in the mail. Well, unexpectedly, he delivered a gift card for the staff so they could get some lunch last week. It's special for us when we get messages coming in. What's even more special is when I get to have a conversation with a customer, and that's what I did for about 15 minutes. At that time, he told me what brought him to the store and why, ultimately, he became a member of our family.

Eric had been fit across the Metroplex by big and smaller name locations and spent thousands of dollars on equipment that while he was "fit," the build was shoddy, or the build was fine, but the clubs just weren't fit perfectly for him. He had gone from an experience with a national brand where the fitter basically asked what he wanted to play in his driver without seeing him swing. Eric questioned why they were asking him. He was paying money to have them figure it out. Eric trusted them and went away with his stiff flex driver. After it came from Chicago, where it was built, the driver fit and finish were so bad, he demanded a refund.

Another session had him "fit" into Mizuno JPX irons after only a handful of strikes with them. He wasn't offered to change heads into something else or see if other shafts might fit him at a better price point. The fitter said that was the best for him because "the numbers on the screen told him so." Essentially he paid almost triple the cost for irons that he was improperly fit in to. Therefore, when he came to us, his mistrust of fitters, in general, was pretty high.

Eric heard about the store from friends, so he called to ask us to look at his equipment, but not to purchase anything. We, of course, obliged him. Once he came in, and he talked to Tim, the first question Tim asked him was, "How is your health?" He had never been asked that before and knew this fitting would be different. Eric confided in us; he had some significant challenges. Tim began to address the issues he told us about and worked to make sure he wasn't in pain at the end of a round where he needed some heavy-duty medication and a couple of days to come out of the fog of the side effects.

We earned his trust and put him into PING G700s to give him some distance, accuracy, and pain-free playing. But also, more importantly, drug-free. Now Eric says he feels like he could play some more if he wanted to.

And that driver? Well, a Titleist TS2 was built, and he began sending balls out into space. With his longest drive being 304 yards with his regular group, so they're not going to lie about it!

It's not about his scores that have dropped into the 70's, but the ability to play and enjoy this game free of pain. In his words, we gave him golf and part of his life back, and that's pretty humbling and cool. Eric doesn't need any additional equipment and is scaring his wife because he's not buying anything else. He says there is no need anymore. He reports that his wife has made some plans with the cost savings.

Why do we do what we do?

Eric's example is why we do this. This is why we fit the way we do and obsess over equipment, how we build it, what we bring in and what we remove. We stress over the build of clubs and the options we give you. More importantly, this is why we treat people with respect and work to make sure their games are where they want them to be, and their physical well-being is looked after. Not just with the golf swing, but the fitness component with Adam.
It's a distinct privilege to serve you. It's my honor to write for you and tell you what we're doing, how we're doing it, but also why. People say in life, "Know what your "why" is in life." Why do you do what you do? Well, you're our "why."

And for that, we thank you so very much!


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Merry Christmas

On behalf of the entire staff of The Golf Station (Tim, Neil, Neal, Adam, Elaine and yours truly), we wish you a Merry Christmas, a Happy Holiday season and a great New Year. Or if you don't celebrate anything, have a good couple of weeks! We'll catch up again on the week of January 6th!

The gifts we offer you

Few things on the golf course are more thrilling than holing out without your putter. You could experience this feeling more
often by adding spin to your short game.

Wedges now offer more bite and spin to all golfers. But to really get all of it requires solid contact. The range of grind and bounce options now provided as standard by manufacturers is meant to help with that. But you still need to find the right one for you. That’s why we’re here.
 Fresh grooves give you up to 14-feet more stopping power than a worn wedge face.

We’re here to bring you the gift of thrills
Come and see us for a wedge fitting.
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What matters most to you?

We asked you to rate 1 to 3 what’s the most important to you when you arrive at a golf club. That’s a very different question to surveys that ask you to rate experiences, facilities, and surveys, after your round. 
From this list, when you arrive at the entrance to a golf club ready to play 18 holes, what is the first, second and third most important priorities to you?

Everyone of those items is important. It’s not that anything can be neglected. But it’s quite interesting to think about what is the most important to you and how, whatever your answer is, we can do a better job, so that you get more satisfaction.
It’s a fun question
If you skipped the link above, then please know that it’s quite a thought-provoking question. It’s a what’s most important? A 1 – 2 – 3 question.
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