On the tee with Trevor

Race to Sun City

Check out the results from Round 3 here.

Slow play

Check out this list from the European Tour’s guide to its players on slow play, which is something we should all follow.

Things a player can do to help:

• Be aware of your position with regard to the group in front.
• If you feel that your group is falling behind, advise your fellow-competitors.
• If your group is behind, try to catch up as soon as possible.
• Play a provisional ball whenever there is doubt as to where the ball is lying ‘through the green’.
• Do not wait until it is your turn to play before putting your glove on.
• Do not wait until it is your turn to play before calculating your yardage, or wind direction.
• Look at your own line of putt while your fellow competitors look at theirs (within the bounds of normal etiquette).
• Do not concern yourself with the group behind
• Forty seconds is a long time in which to hit a golf shot – if preparations take place before it becomes your turn to play, you will not have to rush your shot whatsoever.
• Be ready to play when it is your turn to play.


Betterball Matchplay

Sponsored by the Blair Group of Companies

Here is the draw for the 2019 Betterball Matchplay.

Click to enlarge.

Round 1 is to be played before the end of June! We have extended this to accommodate some of the players to complete their matches.

Thank you to the Blair Group of Companies for making this event possible!


OFM: The sound of your life

What to look forward to

The 2019 Captains Cup has been scheduled for Thursday the 25th (Registration), Friday the 26th and Sat the 27th of JULY!

Saturday the 1st of June is a Medal sponsored by The Blair Group of Companies.

Wednesday the 5th of June is a B.B.S, sponsored by the Club and co-sponsored by the Golfers Club.

Saturday the 8th of June is a B.B.B.B sponsored by KWV.

Wednesday the 12th of June is The Stella Artois Business League.

Saturday the 16th of June is Fathers Day, Janke and I are planning something special for the whole family. Watch this space for details!

“Any fool can be a Father, but it takes a real man to be a Daddy.”
Phillip Whitmore Snr

For any enquiries, please call Trevor on 051 / 447 0906 or 082 494 9469.

Cold days. Warm hearts.

When winter comes whirling in, we usually take cover under heavy jackets, woolly jerseys and duvets. The biggest challenge each morning is put one toe out of bed onto the freezing tile floor!

But winter can be fun, and warm, and snug. You just need the right people and the right setting!

Before winter properly sets in, make way for our Winter Special! This includes a bed & breakfast and a complimentary glass of red wine or gluhwein. Relax after dinner with a hot cup of coffee in the one hand and dessert in the other.

To book your winter retreat, call us on 051 871 4200 or info@blackmountainhotel.co.za.


News on the golfing front


Visit us in store or contact us for any enquiries!

Anytime on a Sunday

Families who golf together, stay together

Pack in your whole family for a grand day out on the course every Sunday!


Friday Club Draw

The next draw will take place on the 31st May 2019. The draw will be worth R500.00. 

Aubry Mac Lellan won the 6 x Stella Artois beers last Friday.

Grant Hughes,
who has supported the Roll Over draw since it started, won the R 8 600.00
Every Friday from 5-6PM


Through these tough economical times, we at the Bloemfontein Golf Club have started implementing affordable ways of paying your annual membership fees. We have a monthly debit order facility that has been very successful.

Please give either Lodia or Carla a call at 051 447 0571, who will assist you in renewing your membership, or to become a new member.

Happy Birthday!

Happy birthday to the following members!

Dan Nel
Andries Schlebusch 31.05
Helgard Muller 01.06 
Keka Rampana 01.06 
Wesley Sykes 01.06 ,
Johannes Snyman 02.06
Josef Schrock 03.06
Stephen Brown 04.06 
Steven Milton 04.06
Gert Cronje 05.06
Kelvin Ashman 06.06
Lubertus van Rijswijk 06.06




Saturday the 25th May
Kindly sponsored by DISTELL.

1st with 42 pts was Glenn Kyle
2nd with 38 pts was Barry Kitching (winning the c/o)
3rd with 38 pts was Carlu vd Westhuizen
4th with 38 pts was Hannes Fourie
5th with 38 pts was Marieta Theron
6th with 37 pts was Gerhard Weitz

Wednesday the 29th  May
Lindsay Saker & Sun International Race to Sun City

1st with 50 pts was Henry & Jacques Watson
2nd with 48 pts was Reg Krohn & Pierre Grobler
3rd with 46 pts was Leslie Sackstein & Paul McLaren (winning the c/o)
4th with 46 pts was Bertus Rust & Jannie Barnard

Start the journey

This is the greatest game on the planet. Every shot that feels right is a beautiful experience. Let’s create more of them and the game gets even better.

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How much better could you be?
How much more enjoyment could you have?
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Genetic engineering

Exploiting your DNA
You are what you are (swing speed), and you have what you have (driver), but when it comes to your launch DNA, we’re the genetic experts you want to consult.
 What if we didn’t have to change your swing speed or your driver to add 10, 20, and even more metres to your tee shot?

By finding ways, with your current swing speed and driver, to influence your launch angle and spin rate we can make a dramatic difference to your performance off the tee. For each of you, we can find a tee height, ball position at address, and angle of attack on the ball that can fundamentally change your launch DNA.

Challenge us, challenge yourself
Come and spend 30 minutes with us and let's see how we can modify your launch DNA to deliver performance you didn’t dream you were capable of.
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