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Stick to your goals in 2019

Want to stick with your resolutions this year? We all start a new year with good intentions, but by the time February rolls round, we tend to fall of the bandwagon. But here is a simple tip to help: Make your goals specific and realistic.


Looking to get active and lose weight? Improve your sleeping habits first

To help manage your weight, first resolve to fix your sleeping habits. Improving sleep routines and getting enough restful sleep each night are critical to making healthy food choices, staying active and keeping off excess weight.

Commit to moving more by doing activities you enjoy

Besides for improving your sleep routine, nothing will have a more transformative effect on your life than exercise. Regular exercise offers an endless list of physical and mental benefits. So find an activity that you don't mind doing on a regular basis and stick with it! Join a class with friends, go walking with your dog... Whatever works for you.

Take more breaks!

Making sure to manage your workload by taking the appropriate time to relax will ensure you’re more productive and happier this coming year. It’s beneficial to purposely take short breaks throughout the day to engage in healthy behaviors such as drinking water, walking or eating a healthy snack.

Committing to engaging in regular healthy and enjoyable behaviors with family and friends will help you stick with your resolutions and make 2019 your happiest and healthiest year yet! Need some help in getting started? We are here to help!

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Happy New Me

Quality time with your grandchildren
Being healthy, fit and spending time with your grandchildren is something money can’t buy.
If you want a way to track your progress with a loved one or friend, do so with our adaptable
personal trainer plans. If you want a fun, social way to improve and be healthy, come chat to us.
We want to help you on your journey to a better you.
Join us in creating a happier, healthier you by following our custom programmes
that our talented personal trainers have compiled just for you.
We want to invest in you.
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Dangers of the modern office

Implications of sitting at a desk
Are you experiencing back, neck and spinal pain? Sitting at a desk for
long periods of time can be seriously detrimental to your muscle groups.
Weakened muscles Neck and shoulders
Sitting tightens your hip flexor muscles and
restricts the blood flow to your glutes.
When muscles are weakened, other muscles
compensate and are put under pressure.
When you sit in front of a computer, you almost
always lean forward and therefore put pressure on
your neck and shoulders. This increases pains
and aches.
Exercising on a regular basis can help you avoid weakening back muscles and therefore reduce back pain.
Make sure your gym sessions focus on the muscle groups that are weakened by sitting at a desk.
Important muscles to strengthen and focus on are your back, glutes and hamstrings so that you are
no longer restricted by your office chair.
Let us help you live a more productive office life.
Join us to strengthen those muscles and work pain-free!
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Yours in health and fitness,


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