The Swiss know how to deal with the cold

The Swiss-based, internationally operating brand is famous not only for its ski collections, but also for groundbreaking golfwear.

Save the date for our KJUS Ski and Lifestyle
Trunk Show

Saturday, November 23rd from 12pm - 6pm

In the Men's Pub

Let us know if you have any questions.

Black Friday

Is approaching!

And we have a not-to-be-missed Black Friday Holiday Sale
Friday, November 29th from 9am to 5pm

Everything will be on sale with special “door busters”.

Plans for 2020?

Winter will be so much shorter
If you have some fun trips planned for 2020

2020 Member Trips

We are in the process of finalizing our member trips for 2020 and will be announcing them shortly.

We will have the details on a couple's trip to Spain in October, which is going to be amazing! As well as a warm-weather destination in February 2020, not to mention a trip in the fall that the membership can sign up for. Our next trip to Bandon Dunes will be in September of 2021.

Details on all of these trips will be available in the next week or two.

November hours

Pro Shop
  Wednesday through Sunday 9am-5pm.

Fitting for approach shot magic

When we fit you for new irons, we can add "distance" which means a shorter club. And using a club with a shorter shaft on approach shots leads to more accuracy.
Many club makers have identified 37 as an important point in shaft length. Above that length and most golfers' consistency of contact starts to deteriorate rapidly. So allowing you to hit a 37“ #7 iron rather than a ‘longer’ #6 iron is a big deal.
has been part of a materials and design revolution. New materials allow them to be thinner and faster. New internal design is supporting the next generation of irons to allow even more speed across more of the face.

Now improve your approach
Book an assessment with us now. Let us look at your swing and technique; your irons and how the technology helps you. Let us improve the number of magical moments you have on the course.
Make more magic >

Enjoy the experience

Last we asked you to reflect on what gave you the most joy and fulfillment over the last golf season. Was it the social and community experiences, or your victories and bragging moments, or you playing performance and improvements made?

It’s a fact that MOST golfers are NOT in the game for victories and trophies. They’re nice, but they’re not the reason “why” for most golfers.
And very few of us make a living out of the game or our performance.  
 How many of you settled for your handicap vs. how many looked at 2019 as an opportunity to both enjoy the game AND improve your ability to command and control the small white ball?

We think there’s something in golf that’s beyond a trophy, beyond a victory, beyond a scorecard or handicap. We think there’s a sense of personal achievement as your golf swing and golf game takes another step forward.

Did you take a step forward?
Was 2019 a good year for you? Did you get better? What skills did you become more accomplished at? Did that improve your enjoyment?
Tell us your stories >

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