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Eventually they all grow up

It is great to see our juniors grow and progress in their golf skills and life

One of our favorite stories is about Alice Koontz. Alice has been attending our weekly Academy classes for three years and has participated in our camps for over five years. She brings a great sense of humor and a fantastic work ethic.  The first picture is from 6 years ago when Alice first attended one of our junior summer camps.
This past weekend Alice recorded her first hole-in-one on the first hole at Reidy Creek. She hit a 6-iron from 100 yards, hit the green, and the ball spun left a bit and went in the hole.
Alice competes in local North County Junior Golf tournaments and also San Diego Junior Golf events. She plays in a weekly league on Sundays and doesn’t want her parents to follow her anymore. She likes to make friends with other players and has become very independent on the golf course.
I’m sure we will see more of Alice on the course, please congratulate her on her first (of many) holes-in-one!


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Game improvement never looked this good

There’s no need to force any iron shot. Swing easy, the Epic Forged will get you there.
You’ll get added ball speed across the face thanks to Callaway’s 360 Face Cup. A shallow rim extends around the face of the Epic Forged, flexing and releasing at impact to up ball speed and distance, whether you middle it or not.
Extra yards are gold, but not if they come at the expense of accuracy. When you’re out on the range try to hit more than just distance markers and greens, go for the flag.

Leave no
yard untapped
Play with irons that make it easier to go further. We’ll set your irons up so you can get every single yard you’re capable of.
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Consistently better

From the top, which part of your body initiates the downswing? Many get into a good position at the top, but then allow the
downswing to start with their arms or even hands.
This is a good position. A downswing started
with the arms.
You want accuracy and consistency of ball strike with approach shots. That is much, much easier to achieve if the large muscles control your first movement back to the ball.

Easy to say, harder to do
Male golfers especially are conditioned to try and hit the ball with their arms and hands. I want all of you to take an #8 iron, get out on the range, hit balls, and to try and quieten your arms and hands. Try consciously hitting the ball with your “body” rotation. Notice how much more solid you can strike the ball. Practice this.  
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