So you want to play golf?

Let's get you into the driving seat!
The right way.

Everyone wants to see how far they can hit a golf ball, but when you go to the driving range, it's important that you resist the temptation to immediately start ripping drivers. Yes, you might crank a couple, but swinging for maximum distance will throw you out of sync – and fast.

Here's a tip on how to perfect your driving range routine: 
Start by warming up your golf muscles with half-swings by hitting one of your wedges or short irons. This will help get you in the rhythm and build your feel. Then move on to your middle irons. Once you are a little warmer, work your way up to the driver. After you've loosened up with your driver, move back to a short iron or wedge to maintain your tempo with all the clubs throughout the bag.

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Game improvement never looked this good


While strong lofts create faster ball speeds and added distance, they can also flatten trajectory and reduce spin.

But with the Epic Forged you get the launch and spin you require for stopping power.
 The mid and long irons have Variable Face Thickness for more consistent spin and easier control on long approach shots. While the short irons have weight placed higher in the body to make launch control easier so you can really attack the flag.
Extra yards are gold, but not if they come at the expense of accuracy. When you’re out on the range try to hit more than just distance markers and greens. Go for the flag.

Go longer
We’ll set your irons up so you can get every single yard you’re capable of.
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Consistently better

Power in golf doesn’t come from the biceps.
Watch the women playing golf on tour. Many are really slender but power the golf ball much further than most men double their size.

They control their golf swings with their large muscle groups, and that allows them to generate phenomenal power from consistent timing.
So, if you’re looking to get ‘fit’ for golf and want to improve your power and timing, then prioritize your gluteus maximus, your chest, latissimus dorsi and your core.

 Start a great journey
Don’t wait on this. Transform your golf swing; transform your game; transform the enjoyment you get from the game. We’ll make this a fun improvement journey. Learn to control your swing with your large muscles.
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