Over the top

Going over the top when you swing is perhaps the most common swing fault amongst golfers. It occurs due to an overuse of the upper body on the downswing. As a result, the club kicks outside the target line and pulls across the ball to the left.

Kevin Weishan has a drill to help you fix your over the top swing.

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Invest in your game

If investing a couple of months in your swing could add 25 yards to every tee shot you hit, would you invest that time?

If investing some time to find your perfect launch DNA and then spending a little more time to set up your equipment to deliver that launch and add 25 yards to every tee shot, would you invest that time?

We promise you that an extra 25 yards on a tee shot means you’re playing a different game, with a different experience.

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What are you buying?

You want confidence that your iron is going to help you hit a solid and accurate approach shot.

A recent check of 82% golfers found that 63% of them were playing with a lie angle at least 1° too upright or too flat. That's 52 golfers who are going to struggle for confidence.
Why wouldn’t you want to play with a lie angle that HELPED you hit solid, accurate golf shots? Why wouldn’t you play with a lie angle that GAVE YOU confidence? You should always get fitted.

Check your equipment
Let’s get your irons checked. Let’s help you build confidence in your approach shots. Come and see us. Call us, or
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Read the wind

Practice is usually a repetitive process in consistent conditions. Play, for most golfers, is a game of between 75 and 100 shots with each shot presenting very different challenges.
Then there’s hitting to a target that is above or below you. And if that isn’t enough, there’s wind strength and direction and rain and moisture to consider.
"That's why Jack Nicklaus believes he could save every amateur golfer at least 5, and up to 10 shots per round. He believes you make poor shot selection decisions, and then make poor club selection choices."

Better club selection?
Before we consider the impact of target elevation change or the wind, you need to have a good foundation: how far do you hit each club when you make a perfect strike and how far do you usually hit the ball with that club? Come and see us if you’d like help with this.
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