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The 9-Shot Challenge
Starts today, December 5th - 8th
Let's see how you stack up against other golfers.

1st Prize – Custom Fit Epic Flash Driver
2nd Prize – Custom Fit Odyssey Stroke Lab Putter
3rd Prize – 2 dozen Chrome Soft Golf Balls

Are you up to the challenge?

The gifts we offer you

Having confidence and trust in your ability to hit any target you set for yourself, is a sweet place to be. The right iron setup helps you hit more accurate shots more consistently and can go a long way to helping you believe.
A lie angle that is too flat causes slices, while one that is  too upright can lead to hook shots. The very best golfers can compensate for an incorrect lie angle. For the rest of us, it means less accurate shots and a less consistent swing.
The lie angle cannot always be changed easily, so it’s best to make sure yours is correct for a new set of clubs before you buy them.
Due to swing compensations, lie angle at address doesn’t necessarily indicate lie angle at impact. So we should check your lie angle during a swing.

Get the gift of more accuracy
There are over 1,000 potential iron configurations for each golfer. We’ll help you find your ONE so you can hit your target.
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What matters most to you?

Last week we asked if you could answer one question. With the ability to be entirely anonymous. We wanted to know how you viewed your position on a simple continuum. Where do you see yourself on your golfing journey?
At one end there’s space for the person who sees golf totally as a competitive sport, and on the other end there’s those that see it as a social and recreational activity. We’re asking golfers to position themselves. Next month we’ll publish a SUMMARY of how our community of golfers see the game.

If you haven’t already done so
So, if haven’t given a response then please follow the link below. It’s a very short and very private survey – no personal details required – so go on
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