Get more spin, versatility and feel

Did you know that 2 out of every 3 shots occur from within 125 yards of the hole? The key to scoring is learning the secrets from 125 yards and in. Join Michael Howes, along with Cleveland Golf, for a Wedge Scoring Clinic Experience on Friday, August 16th. You'll receive 90 minutes of expert short game instruction that will help you in all critical situations - chips, pitches, bunkers, flops and more.

Every attendee will also receive a personalized wedge fitting from Cleveland Golf, and a custom fit Cleveland Golf CBX, Smart Sole 3, or RTX 4 wedge. Here are the details:

Rob Noel Golf Academy at Money Hill
Friday, August 16th
3:00 PM - 5:00 PM
$199 per person plus tax

Includes: 90 minutes of Wedge Fitting, Short Game Lesson, Cleveland Wedge,
2 sleeves of Srixon Golf Balls!
This experience is limited to the first SIX sign-ups per time slot! To RSVP, please email This is truly one of the best investments you can make in your golf game. Don't miss your chance to learn how to shoot lower scores!
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Testimonial Tuesday

Congratulations to Kris Kerr on his recent win at the 2019 Mackel Nola Metro Tournament!

“Being fit for the new Srixon irons was a great success! Michael Howes made sure I had every statistic exactly the way I wanted it. We hit from the mats for numbers and off the turf for feel. Would 100% recommend going to him for club fitting!”- Kris

You can improve your iron shots too!

If you are looking to improve your scores on Par 3s or to play better approach shots, contact us to book an iron fitting.

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Winners of the week

Kelly Gibson Junior Golf Tour - English Turn Golf & CC

July 8th

Congratulations to Quinn Garcia and Sarah Meral on their 1st place finish in their divisions!

Boys 16-17
1st Quinn Garcia
2nd Dwayne Heron
14th Christian Malach
T18 Jackson Heap

Boys 18-22

T3 J.P. Preston
10th Philip Pazos
T12 Colton Blagrove

Girls 14-17
1st Sarah Meral
6th Ariana Blagrove
8th Samantha Schultz
11th Michelle Lorio

Girls 18-22
T5 Savannah Ennis
9th Blair McKenzie
10th Katie Albright
T12 Kelsey Dill

Congratulations to Jackson Heap who recorded 2 personal bests in 2 weeks! Jackson improved from 90-85 and then shot 82 one week later! Congrats Jackson!

North and South Amateur Championship

43rd Liza Lapeyre

Revealing the lie

It does impact accuracy
Test after test conducted by golf magazines, club fitters, and even those trying to “bust” myths, substantiates the fact that you’ll hit more accurate approach shots if your lie angle is a perfect match to your golf swing.
Irons toe down
Strike the ball with the toe slightly down and your ball will go right of the target (right-handers).
Iron heel down
Strike the ball with heel down and your ball will travel left of the target (right-handers). 

The mechanics of this are obvious really. Make contact with the turf with the toe of the club and the club face will open. Make contact with the heel and the face closes. It’s how imperceptible it feels to most of us, and how large the impact is, that surprises everyone.

Are your clubs telling a lie?
Do you think you’ve hit a solid shot but missed on one side? Is it your setup; your swing path and face angle; or your lie angle? You’d be blown away to discover how many golfers play with a lie angle that makes the game harder. Make it easier to hit better golf shots.
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A better life for them

Have we reached a crisis point?
Our children are becoming slaves to social media. A 2016 study in North America concluded that the AVERAGE number of social messages a teenage girl processes in a day is 1,700. Yes, seventeen hundred. Unbelievable, isn’t it?
How do you process SEVENTEEN HUNDRED messages per day and do everything else? You need the hieroglyphics of the 21st century.

Let us add balance to their lives
Have your child enroll into one of our group sessions to learn to play golf, and we’ll have them outdoors, interacting, learning new skills, and having a whole lot of fun they can take out onto the golf course. They won’t stop playing computer games, but for a couple of hours each time we’ll have them off the phone, out from in front of the screen, engaging in fun activity.
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