Making us proud!

US Kids
 Beau Chene Country Club Tour Championship

A huge congratulations goes to Preston Giroir and Ross Anderson for their first and second place finishes in their divisions! Well done boys! See results below.

Boys 7
3rd Dylan Dongieux
Boys 10
3rd Gavin Davis
Boys 13-14
1st Preston Giroir
2nd Ross Anderson
T3 Phanu Galloway
7th Seth Gardiner
T8 Rase Browne

Please note

Just a reminder that there will be an Operation 36 Tournament on Wednesday, September 4th from 5-7 at Money Hill. Please contact Coach Nic if you would like to participate.

Testimonial Tuesday

"My son William enjoyed meeting Rob. Rob made the lesson fun. He also was able to allow William to understand 3 new concepts to improve his game. We are looking forward to building a great student-instructor relationship as William's passion for golf continues."- Tyler

Rob can help you improve your game too!

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Doing the small things

Ignition student Braxton Patterson cleaning his clubs on Labor Day
after practice.

Spin: friend or foe?

This is a bigger deal than many think
A colleague of ours recently picked five golfers at random in his club. Three men and two women of differing ages. He spent 20 minutes with each one and their driver (along with alternative configurations).
Changing the spin rate with the same swing speed has a huge impact on the distance the ball travels. Too much backspin for the ball speed and the ball will have too much lift and balloon. Too little spin and the ball doesn’t have enough lift and dies quickly. (Read The Magnus effect and Bernoulli's principle if you want more physics).
The laws of physics (proven with the data from hundreds of thousands of golf swings) means that those with slower swing speeds generally benefit from a higher launch angle and more spin, than someone with more aggressive swing speeds.
Matching swing speed, ball speed, launch angle, and spin rate on tee shots, will make upwards of 40 yards of difference for some golfers. How much difference would it make to you?

Don’t let spin rob you
Book an assessment with us and let's find your personal launch DNA: the perfect match of launch and spin for the ball speed you’re creating.
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Fall in love with golf

We’re not trying to create the next great tour superstar. We’re trying to help junior golfers fall in love with the game of golf.

If we can do that, they’ll be healthier, happier, and have a game and friends for a lifetime.

 Whether they’ve played the game before, play the game now, or have never played the game, we’ll promise you that we’ll take care of them, and set them on the pathway to a lifelong love affair with the game.
Sign your children up for one of our fun junior golf programs.
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