To Kay Daniel for being chosen by the LGA as the
2019 Louisiana Women's Player of the Year
We are so proud of you!

Getting along!

Ignition class students working on their "Get Along" song...

Testimonial Tuesday

"Nic Drezins and the entire Rob Noel Golf Academy team are incredible. My 12-year-old son is receiving great golf instruction in regard to fundamentals, techniques, drills and most importantly he's receiving an example of what respectful competition looks like. Coach Nic made a statement to me one day after my son's practice. He said, "You keep your son in love with golf and we will make him good at golf". That attitude and culture are more than apparent as the older students pour into and encourage the younger ones on a regular basis. Rob Noel Golf Academy and Coach Nic will be one of many facets of my son's athletic and character development."
- Troy Sibley

Do you know any juniors who would enjoy this kind of coaching?

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US Kids Golf

Beau Chene CC
September 29th

Girls 11-14
6th Claire Chauvin

Boys 11
6th Gavin Davis

Boys 13-14
1st Ross Anderson
T2  Collin Shay
7th Rase Browne
12th Ben Chiasson

Well done to our RNGA juniors!

The Edel putters

Torque is the ultimate enemy of consistent putting. A revolutionary solution can be found in our torque balanced putters.

The revolutionary Torque Balanced technology from Edel Golf significantly reduces the negative effects of torque, promoting a smoother and more consistent motion and allowing the putter head a greater opportunity to return to square at impact.

Edel Golf's industry leading putter fitting system offers players the unique ability to create a putter that is precisely fitted to every aspect of their putting stroke.

Contact Michael to find the perfect putter for your game.

Game improvement never looked this good

Standing over a tough approach becomes easier, and more enjoyable, when you have lots of confidence.

Callaway have added game improvement tech to their new Epic Forged Iron that is going to give you that added confidence. And they’ve packed it into a sleek profile.
Forged irons give good ball strikers added control over flight shape and distance. Mid- to high-handicappers can now tap into that control, too.

The Epic Forged has a Tungsten weight suspended in urethane microspheres, allowing Callaway to position the CoG precisely for each iron. This increases the MOI across the set, giving you easier launch on all your iron shots.

Every golfer is unique
But every golfer wants confidence. Let’s set you up to take on any approach shot.
Better Iron play >

Consistently better

What part of your body controls your swing?  Too many golfers struggle with consistency because their hands (and arms) are too involved in their golf swing.
 A swing controlled by the hands and arms depends too much on the finer, smaller muscles. Swinging on plane becomes difficult. Consistency of ball striking is impossible. And it's much more difficult to create power.

You need to let the large muscles control the swing to create consistency and power.

 Test it out on the range
On the range, feel what part of your body starts your backswing and what part starts your downswing. Controlling the first movement of both the backswing and downswing with the correct part of your body can be a big pay-off for most of you.
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