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LW Nel
Biggest Obstacle: Consistent ball striking
LW was struggling with getting consistent contact on the ball, due to the fact that he was overswinging. His right elbow was too high at the top of his backswing, which allowed the club to travel too far on the way up. This made it very difficult for him, as he had to use his arms extensively on the downswing to deliver the clubhead to the ball.
The swing fix came in by getting his right elbow lower than his right shoulder at the top of his backswing. The adjustment shortened his backswing and got him into a compact position at the top, making it easier to strike the ball more consistently.
Are you looking to get your full swing and strike the ball consistently. I'm here to help. Contact Philip du Preez at 082 410 2471 to book a lesson.

It's never too late to be a champion

Gordon Wessels is going for gold

Congratulations to Gordon Wessels from Wingate Park CC for winning the 2019 Limpopo Golf Union Senior Open at Koro Creek Bushveld Golf Estate.

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Whether you're a beginner, advanced, able-bodied or disabled, we would like to invite you to join us for our Bowls Disability Day on Friday, 15th November 2019.
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Who's been winning?

Saturday, 09 November 2019
Monthly Medal

1st: Christiaan Odendaal – 71 (R500.00)
2nd: Tobie Jooste - 73c/o (R400.00)

1st: Lemphane Mokhobo - 71 (R500.00)
2nd: Tim Wright - 71 c/o (R400.00)

1st: Coen Spaumer - 38 pts (R500.00)
2nd: Mike Silberman - 36 pts (R400.00)

Best Gross: Tyron Taylor - 76c/o (R520.00)

Sunday, 10 November 2019 


1st: K Vivier - 45 (R500)
2nd: M Figueira - 37 c/o (R400)
3rd: T Ploos van Amstel - 37 c/o (R300)

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Easier shot placement
Every green is different. Size, slope, hardness, and flag location vary. Having added access to spin makes hitting your chosen spot on the green a lot easier.

The new Cleveland CBX 2 Wedge face has been created to give everyday golfers access to Tour-level spin.

More stopping power
14-foot difference
Rollout has been measured on a wedge that played 125 rounds versus a new wedge. The results showed that a fresh wedge can give you up to 14 feet more stopping power than an old one.
Stick it to the flag
At the end of a round, take your wedges to the practice green and check your shot dispersion.

Groove upon groove upon groove
Cleveland has layered their sharpest Tour Zip Grooves ever to give the CBX 2 Wedge a 4th generation Rotex Face, and give you easier access to added spin and control.
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Better players want full spin when executing demanding open-face shots, and they want it from a more compact wedge design. For these players, there is the Cleveland RTX 4 Wedge.
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Fix par 3 mistakes

Many golfers base their approach to a par 3 on the ideal shot shape and then try to hit that shot. But using your natural shot shape to your advantage will help you hit more par 3 greens.
If you know you tend to push the ball a little with a slight fade, you can count on aiming slightly left of your target on the green, instead of trying to force a straight shot or draw.
Don’t use hazards as markers to aim because if you do hit it dead straight, you’re probably going to drop shots.
From the tee, identify the most dangerous hazard. Then think about how your natural shot shape pulls you into those hazards or helps you evade them. By understanding your swing you can set yourself up to minimise risk and hit the green more often.

Better course management
Swing improvement takes time, but good strategy brings immediate results. We’ll help you make better decisions on the golf course that will put you into more scoring positions.
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