Women's Golf Day

This week we celebrated Women’s Golf Day on the 4th of June. It’s a pity we had no golfers on the course due to the torrential rain and gusty winds.

Introducing Laura McCahon

Our latest Pga member to join the AJ'S team has become quite popular with the members due to her infectious personality. Laura is committed to serious game development and in particular introducing women to the game, creating a passion for the game and helping them enjoy and love the game for life.

"Whether you're just starting to learn, have been playing for years or are interested in picking up the clubs after a bit of a break, I'm invested in your overall golf game, on and off the course."

If your looking to book a session with Laura call the Pro Shop or book online.


Girls just want to have fun

We as career-driven, single women, mothers, wives and grandmothers usually have so many excuses not to join a group. Either we work late and cannot find another hour in our busy schedules to be on a golf course, or the kids need to do their homework, someone's dog died or there's no food on the table.

But, in all fairness, you need a community, and we need you in our community. Golf isn't just a sport but also a social outlet that most of us desperately need. When last did you have a good laugh?

So, if you've never set foot on a golf course before, don't dally another day longer. A whole new world of challenges and fun social activities lies ahead. Contact us.

We look forward to welcoming you to the group.


Golf balls for slower swingers

As many shaft lengths, mullet sizes and grips are out there, different golf balls are manufactured in the different brands to suit the individual golfer swing. You need to choose the right ball for your swing. Junior golfers usually do not have enough swing speed to get the ball far enough with a normal pro golf ball. The same goes for senior and women golfers.

A swing speed slower than 90mph is considered slow. The golfer usually then needs a golf ball with optimal speed, distance and softness.

 We stock the Callaway Super Soft,
Titleist DT Soft and the Wilson Staff Duo Soft.
The new Callaway Supersoft golf balls are a long, straight distance ball that’s incredibly soft, with an ultra-low compression core for fast ball speeds, and super low spin and low drag.  
  The Titleist® DT TruSoft™ golf ball has been designed with a TruTouch core and a TruFlex cover. It’s the softest feeling Titleist and provides superior distance through low spin on long shots and short game playability for stopping power on the green.
Wilson’s new Duo Soft pays attention to the inside of the ball to find more speed and the outside of the ball to find more distance.  

If you're unsure

speak to us >

  Look good on the course

We have a full range of golf apparel.

Upcoming events

Tee off for a good cause

Could you save 5 shots per round?

A simple test to benchmark your putting setup
The jury is out on this one. The evidence shows that, if one is more important than the other, then it’s marginal. We think this myth has come about as the industry tries to educate golfers that weight is very important. And it is.
If the angle of your putter
face is just 2° out at impact then,
even from just 6 feet you’re
going to miss.
If you miss most putts in the 6 – 12 foot range then the chances are you have a face angle challenge. For most, that problem starts at the address position. Benchmark your skill level:

Get a check-up
Improving your ability to square the putter face at impact will take up to 5 shots off your scorecard. There are some simple keys to that improvement. So come and see us.
Book a check-up >

Enjoy the journey

Golf is the greatest game on the planet. Great playing experiences. Great social experiences. Amazing friendships. The healthy outdoors. Add a "journey" and the game becomes even better.
 We want you to get more out of your golf, to play better golf. We all know better golf is more fun. But the journey that takes you to a better game should also be fun.

Start a journey
Take the first step on your own journey. Speak to us about our Play Nine Together or Personal Assessment and we’ll show you a pathway to better.
Contact us >


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