It's birdie time for Matt!

Putting for dough

Before and after shot of poor posture and better posture. Matt has been struggling with his putting so he came in and did an assessment with us.

His putter was too long, his grip was way too thick effecting his feel, plus his arm-hang and posture needed work to get his eyes over the ball.



After 15 minutes he was brimming with confidence, he had regained his feel with distance control and fixed his putter path. I can’t wait to see his putting stats over the next few rounds!

Keep up the hard work, Matt!

If you would like an assessment to improve your game just like Matt has, please don't hesitate to contact us!

COBRA Demo Day

Get fitted, get faster!

Tuesday 23rd July
8 - 1PM

COBRA is in the business of innovation. With SPEEDBACK, they've achieved a revolutionary advancement in driver technology, engineering the first driver to successfully combine an aerodynamic clubhead shape with a low center of gravity, creating the ultimate formula for speed.

Come down to Eastlake on the 23rd of July to see what all the fuss is about!

Contact us for any enquiries.

Only two spots left!

Sundays are for working on your touch!

Don't forget about the Sunday short-game sessions that we have been running. We only have two spots left so make sure you don't miss this opprtunity to become a wizard around the greens!

25 June 2019

Our Mizuno fitting day on the 25th of June also still has a few spots available. Come on down to check out the latest and greatest that they have to offer!

Could you save 5 shots per round?

Fraction of an inch and a matter of degrees
If you want to be a better putter; to become deadly within 12 feet; then become a fanatic about your setup and posture at address.
Remember, if your face angle is just 2° out, from just 6 feet you’re already going to miss. Every one of you can invest some effort into setting up with the putter face square to the target line.


A setup with your eyes inside, or outside the golf ball, makes it much more difficult to aim correctly. That might mean you’re square to the wrong target line. 

Most putters are 35“ in length and that leads many golfers to stand too upright forcing their eyes inside the line of the ball.
Get a check-up
Improving your ability to square the putter face at impact will likely take up to 5 shots off your scorecard. There are some simple keys to that improvement. Setup and putter are part of that equation. So come and see us.
Book a check-up >

Enjoy the journey

Golf and fitness have a lot of similarities especially when it comes to reaching for goals. For instance most people will describe their fitness goal as something like: “I want to lose weight”. But, for most, “losing weight” isn’t enough motivation to either start, or complete the journey.
You need to think through WHY you want to lose weight. What is the emotional experience you want to enjoy or pain you want to remove by losing weight. If you want to travel the journey to less weight that’s what you need to connect to.
It’s the same with golf.
Lowering your handicap is rarely enough motivation to be better.
Why would you want to be better?
What joy would you like to experience?
What pain would you like to remove? 

Start a journey
Come and share your hopes and fears with us. Let us help you with an assessment that helps us guide you on a journey to overcome the challenges of golf, and gain more of the amazing rewards this game offers. Decide to start a new journey now. Let’s go to better together.
Contact us >


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