PING Fitting Day

Engineered to play

Our PING fitting day was a massive success thanks to master fitter Tim Hosking whose knowledge of helping players into clubs that suit their swing is amazing.

Golfers generally are not very aware of the specifications of the equipment that they have in their bags. These specifications, especially if the equipment is bought "off the rack", do not always work with the golfer, but in fact often work against them. That's why it's essential to have your clubs fitted for your own unique swing and physical characteristics!

All who attended achieved not only saw gains in distance but better ball flights and consistency in the dispersion down the fairway too. I would like to thank all who attend our fitting days as these people are serious about improving their games, whatever their level of golf may be.


If you are serious about improving your game, why not get fitted for clubs that will make the game easier for you?

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Alex's Tip of the Week

Putt for dough

A simple drill that you can do at home that will get you holing more putts more often!

If you want to work on your putting or any other area of your game, do not hesitate to contact us.

Eastlake Weekend Raffle Results

Congratulations to all the winners!

1st prize Cleveland putter (value $185) – Walter Devecchis

2nd prize One hour game improvement session (value $90) – Peter Carter

3rd prize Under Armour braided belt (value $59) – Paul Thorpe

4th prize Eastlake logo cap (value $39) – Kevin Hennessy

5th prize Eastlake logo ball marker (value $20) –
Alex Alexiou

What are you buying?

There is something exquisite about finding the sweet spot with an iron. Everything feels so perfect at that moment.
Achieving that moment requires, returning the clubface square to the target with the sole square to the turf. That’s very difficult if the lie angle/shaft length combination is wrong for you.
Over 80% of golfers play with equipment that makes it more difficult to experience the perfect iron shot. You can change your experience. You can make more magic.

You can do this
Let’s get your irons checked. Let’s help you make sure you have a setup that makes it easier to create more magical moments. Come and see us. Call us, or
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Consistently better

From the top, which part of your body initiates the downswing? Many get into a good position at the top, but then allow the
downswing to start with their arms or even hands.
This is a good position. A downswing started
with the arms.
You want accuracy and consistency of ball strike with approach shots. That is much, much easier to achieve if the large muscles control your first movement back to the ball.

Easy to say, harder to do
Male golfers especially are conditioned to try and hit the ball with their arms and hands. I want all of you to take an #8 iron, get out on the range, hit balls, and to try and quieten your arms and hands. Try consciously hitting the ball with your “body” rotation. Notice how much more solid you can strike the ball. Practise this.  
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