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No more chunky chips

Chunky is a word we love to hear when we are thinking about dessert, not as much when we are talking about our chipping around the greens. This week Alex gives us another fantastic short game tip which will help you to strike your chips cleanly and get the ball going at the hole.

Having confidence in your chipping ability is key to predicting how the ball is going to react after contact. Watch the tip below to see how you can improve your confidence in your own ability. We would love to hear if this tip worked for you!

If you would like to work on your short game and get the ball going in the hole sooner, why not book a lesson with Alex!

Improve your fitness, improve your golf

Lower back pain in golfers
Written by Eastlake member and TPI qualified physiotherapist Jason Wright

In a TPI questionnaire of over 7000 golfers it was found that lower back pain attributes to almost 30% of golfers injuries.

The six most common back injuries in golf are:
• Sprain/strain – muscles, SI joint, soft tissues
• Facet syndrome – lumbar facet joints
• Disc pathology
• Spinal stenosis – canal or IVF narrowing
• Degenerative joint/disc disease – Arthritis
• Spondylolithesis

The TPI have a great philosophy of the body, that it is an alternating pattern of stable segments connected by mobile joints. And if this pattern breaks down this is where injury will occur. When we think about the lower back and its surrounds in this model it looks like this – hips are mobile, lumbar spine, pelvis and sacrum are stable, and the thoracic spine is mobile.

How many of you that experience lower back pain notice tightness and restriction in your hips and thoracic spine? Immobility in these two regions can lead to the golf swing biomechanics that lead to your pain. The pictures above show some simple screens that we do to assess these regions. Remember if you don’t test, it’s just a guess! Contact us via the link in bio to organise your full body screen.

Another interesting injury fact:
The intervertebral discs are over-hydrated first thing in the morning; thus the outer fibres of the disc (annulus) can be subjected to much higher loads and the vertebral end plates can break at lower compressive loads. Therefore, golfers should not perform full range spine motion exercises under load shortly after rising from bed. This over-hydration phenomenon is 90% gone after only 1 hour!

Finally, it is vital if your are experiencing lower back pain that you visit you local golf pro for a lesson. There are a number of swing faults that could be causing your lower back pain. Getting screened and treated by a golf physio like us in combination with lessons from your golf pro to assess your swing will rid you of back pain and get you playing better and longer!

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Trip of a lifetime

Last week I was fortunate enough to win a trip courtesy of Champion Sports and Oncourse golf to King Island located between Melbourne and Tasmania.

The island has two courses in Australia’s top 10 and well worth putting on the list of courses you must play and yes I took my hickory set of clubs to test out my skills on some true links courses. The courses were mind-blowing with some of the best views possible on a golf course. Also if you expect calm conditions, this is not the place for you as it blows around 30 km/h on a calm day!

The hospitality of the folks on the island is amazing and the staff at Air Adventures look after you like royalty. So if your planning a golf trip do yourself a favour check out golf at King Island, you will not be disappointed!

Eastlake weekend raffle

Congratulations to all the winners!

1st: Toby Clare – FootJoy Athletic Shirt
2nd: Tim Atkins – 45 Minute lesson
3rd: Jason Wright – Eastlake Driver Cover
4th: Jack Brand – FJ Fashion Cap
5th: Charlie Watts – FJ Weathersof GT Glove

Make sure you take part this weekend to stand the chance of winning some of these great prizes!
Successful short game shot-making is about more than knowing your lie, distance to the green, and course condition. You also need to know your swing type and what letter SM7 Wedge is going to make it easiest FOR YOU to execute the shot and hit your number.

A wedge becomes more forgiving when its bounce matches your swing. Let the club do the work.

Are you a digger, sweeper or neutral?
Knowing your swing type matters to the type of wedges you play.

Fix par 3 mistakes

Many golfers fall short of par 3 greens because they select a club based on a perfect shot. But perfect shots are rare.
What matters more; hitting a good spot on the green or the number club you took to hit it?

There are four distances you should consider on each par 3. The distance to the front edge, back edge and middle of the green, and how far you hit each club in your bag.

Knowing these numbers and considering the size of the green makes it easier to select the best club for the shot.
Never hit a hard number to reach the front edge of the green. Because if you don’t get all of it, you will land short. If a perfect strike with a specific club gets you to the back edge of the green, that’s a better option. Your swing should stay more or less consistent. It’s the club that really adds or reduces the required distance.

Next time you’re on the range take ten shots with the same club at the same target and note your average distance and dispersion.

Better course management
Swing improvement takes time, but good strategy brings immediate results. We’ll help you make better decisions on the golf course that will put you into more scoring positions.
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