DIPG Golf Day

Teeing it up for a cause

Last Friday we had 120 players attend a charity day supporting children’s brain cancer research and raised over $8000 which is an amazing result!

The day was a credit to Eastlake GC club member Eva Naumovski and her team of volunteers who worked tirelessly to make this event a massive success. A great day was had by all and congratulations to all of the winners of the Ambrose event.


Are you using your iron as a shovel?

What fat divots can mean for your body!

Fat divots refers to any excessive digging into the turf before or through impact. Any type of excessive forced deceleration through impact can be very stressful on the wrists, elbows and shoulders. Many players have suffered wrist, elbow and shoulder injuries after a single unfortunate shot where they hit a rock or a root in the ground that forced them to decelerate faster than they were anticipating.

If the player repeatedly takes heavy divots, they are more susceptible to the following types of injuries:
-    Wrist flexors (mostly flexor carpi ulnaris) tendinopathy
-    Tennis and/or golfers' elbow
-    Rotator cuff pathology in the shoulder

A few facts to remember with fat divots:
1. Most players take divots with their irons, this is normal!
2. A good shot hits the ball first and takes a divot after the ball.
3. Most fat shots are not due to a swing that is hitting too excessively down on the ball or steep. It is usually the opposite. A swing that is two shallow or hitting up on the ball tends to take fat divots more often.
4. Club fitting is extremely important in avoiding taking fat divots. Clubs with the wrong lie angle or wrong length can lead to fat divots. Ensure to talk to your club professional to get your clubs fitted correctly.

Special note:
Make sure you are NOT using training aids that force this rapid deceleration, like an impact bag.

Finally, the most common finding on movement screening that correlate with fat divots (in right handed golfers) are:
-    Right thorax extension/rotation immobility (unable to turn into the backswing well)
-    Right hip internal rotation immobility (unable to clear the right hip during the backswing)
-    Lumbar spine flexion immobility (will early extend in the swing)
-    Bilateral hip extension immobility (will early extend)
-    Left shoulder flexion immobility (will flatten out swing plane)

If these body restrictions are present they will cause golfers to lose their posture during the swing which will tend to flatten out or shallow the swing plane and cause fat divots. It is important that you review with a golf physio like myself and see your golf professional for swing tips to avoid taking fat divots. This will not only improve your game but keep you from injury.

Book a club fitting today to ensure your clubs suit your swing and help you make crisper contact every time.

Alex's Tip of the Week

Stop hitting it fat

Staying with the theme of hitting it fat, Alex shows us some great drills which will help you to not move too much earth when playing your iron shots. By getting your weight through the shot, you will get the ball going at the target and hit crisper iron shots in no time!

If you would like to work on getting your weight forward or if you would like on any other part of your game to get you enjoying the game more, book a lesson with Alex today!

Club Championships

Qualifying results

The top 8 players from each division go through to the matchplay rounds starting this Saturday. We wish the best of luck to all of the players who made it through to the top 8!

Click here
for the qualifying results

Eastlake weekend raffle

Congratulations to all the winners!

Jason Wright - Under Armour shorts & cap
John Karikios - 45 min lesson
Ben Larsson - A dozen Bridgestone e12 golf balls
Michael Flynn - Eastlake towel
Blaine Carey - FJ socks
No two swings are the same. The SM7 Wedges enable us to fit any player by their swing type and the course conditions they
face most.

When you’ve got the right wedge in your hands, it frees you up to go for those tough shots. Grinds help to improve ball contact in any lie. And SM7 has six of them.
Whether you’re lying in a soft bunker or firm fairway, whether you prefer to sweep the ball off the turf or take a healthy divot, there’s a SM7 grind and bounce option that’s going to make clean contact easier for you.

Got a steep delivery?
The all-new SM7 D-grind could be your letter. Make sure your wedges prepare you for any short game shot.

Fix par 3 mistakes

Making the flag your only focus on par 3s, increases risk and closes off possibilities. And it often leaves you staring at double or triple bogey.
If you want to make more birdies, par 3s are not the holes you should be targeting. Landing your tee shot in the most achievable area on the green and leaving two putts for par is a much better approach. Flag hunting often leads to forced swings, loss of control and unnecessary bogeys.

Data from the PGA Tour shows that par 3s have the highest average score compared to par 4s and par 50s.

Better course management
Swing improvement takes time, but good strategy brings immediate results. We’ll help you make better decisions on the golf course that will put you into more scoring positions.
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