Hello October!

EOGA has a lot of news for you this month. From babies, to junior tournaments, to freshly graduated PGA coaches, it’s all in here! We have warmed up our muscles and are ready to come alongside you on your journey to better golf.

Tips corner

Last month, Chalton gave us his tip when it comes to short putts. This month, David Gerhardi, EOGA coach at Steenberg, offers some advice about your approach to long putting.

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Briefing from our Bio

The Importance of a Warm-Up

In most sports, it is essential that athletes are prepared and ready to go when the match gets underway. There are a variety of ways to achieve this preparedness; however, a good quality warm-up is a critical factor that underlies this process.

Golf is an explosive sport, requiring a lot of force to travel throughout the body in short period of time. If our bodies are not prepared for the amount of force being required, we are opening ourselves up both mentally and physically for suboptimal performance.

Preparing our bodies for the “match” leads to the marginal gains people talk about, that extra 1% that can make all the difference.

Below are some reasons why a golf warm-up routine is important:

1. Increased heart and breathing rate during a warm-up
a. Leads to increased blood flow to the working muscles
b. Increases the lungs capacity to do work
2. Increased tissue temperature
a. Increases the muscles’ rate of contraction
b. Increases our soft tissue extensibility (our range of motion)
c. Increases the bodies metabolic rate
3. Reduces injuries
4. Increases psychological preparation for bout of exercise
5. Increases the mental readiness of an individual
a. Prepares the body for what is to come

One golf study (Langdown et al., 2018) showed that performing a proper warm-up routine, as opposed to just rocking up and hitting the ball, results in a slight increase in ball velocity.
With this in mind, it is clear that a warm-up routine prior to playing golf is a non-negotiable and an essential practice to improve both your mental and physical performance during a game. The same principles apply across all other sports and golf is no different.

Should you have any questions or would like to work on a proper golf warm-up routine, I am happy to assist with this. Let me know.

Happy golfing,


André Loots (EOGA Arabella) and John Thompson (EOGA Erinvale) are officially PGA graduates! We are so proud of you guys! These guys are passionate about what they do and love to see you grow and get excited about your golf, they are some of the best coaches you will find!

Matt Durham
, who has been at EOGA Steenberg for many years is making a move!

He’s joining EOGA Killarney in Joburg. We are sad to see him leave Steenberg and all the beautiful bonds he formed with his juniors and other clients but we are excited for EOGA Killarney. Chalton, our head coach at Killarney, is excited to have Matt and is already planning wonderful things to grow your golf with Matt.

Watch that space Killarney!

Finally, we have a new member that just joined EOGA. He’s not doing much in terms of golf yet but in time he will! EOGA’s founder and CEO Etienne Olivier welcomed his beautiful son, Ethan, into this world on the 18th of September. His wife Lauren (also business manager) and baby boy are doing well. Big sister Layla is also very excited to have a playmate! We are so happy for them and wish them all the best as they adjust to being parents to two beautiful children.

Awards corner

Morne de Wet, 6 years old, won a SA Kids event at Steenberg Golf Club. He won his age category by 6 shots. Well done Morne! Keep up your hard work!

Alex Utterson, Steenberg member, made us incredibly proud when he finished 4th in the U11 boy category at the Junior Africa Challenge and finished 11th in the overall/all ages category. What an amazing achievement! Well done Alex!

EOGA Westlake had their first Target 36 event with a couple of Juniors in attendance. Here is the Hendricks family celebrating Aminah’s hole-in-one. Not bad for a first time! Congrats Aminah!

Well done to all our superstars that played in the Junior Africa Challenge at San Lameer Country Club. Congratulations to Minjun Heo (10) who scored 73, 78, 78 and made two eagles on the first day. He was the winner of his age group. Christopher Gutuza placed 3rd in boys 15-18, with scores of 84, 80, 80. A job well done! Thank you to Keagan Beyer for flying across country to support them!



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