The season is in full swing, and EOGA coaches have been very busy training many of you to become the best golfers you can be.

Here are a few more tips and news to help you grow on your journey!

Video Corner

Beat the Elite Cork Challenge

This month Cassidy Williams (EOGA Steenberg) shot a fun video of our Beat the Elite Cork Challenge, held at Steenberg for our Reddam House students.

Briefing from our Bio

Mobility vs Flexibility

Mobility and flexibility are often used interchangeably in the fitness world, but we need to distinguish between the two terms, as they are different.
Mobility, is the ability of a joint to move actively (by yourself) through a range of motions before being restricted in a controlled manner. It accounts for how far the joint moves within the capsule, and has a motor control element to it.
Flexibility is defined as ‘the ability of connective tissue (muscles, ligaments, and tendons) to lengthen passively (external force e.g. partner assists) through a range of motion.
In a summary:
- Flexibility relates to muscles; mobility relates to joints.
- Mobility is having strength within your flexibility.
One of the most common misconceptions about golf is how distance is achieved off the tee and from the fairway. Many people believe that increasing strength, alone, will result in greater distances being hit. This is based on a poor understanding of body mechanics, physics and technique. If it  soley came down to strength, bodybuilders, power lifters and strongman competitors would hit the ball a mile far, but this doesn’t happen.

This is due to the fact that the body has to have the ability (mobility & flexibility) in order to create and get into specific angles and motions – throughout the golf swing (kinematic sequence). This results in an efficient swing, and produces more club head speed – more so than one’s ability to lift heavy weights.

Hence, mobility and flexibility play a key role in golf, not only in achieving longer distances but also in improving accuracy and consistency (club face, club path, angle of attack, and centeredness of strike), as well as avoiding injury.

A message to take home:
Work on mobility before your session, and then on flexibility after!


Some warm welcomes and heavy hearted goodbyes

Our darling Jamie Waller – the young lady heading our Marketing and Admin team – fell sick a couple of weeks ago. While we are incredibly saddened, and are missing her professional expertise and warm smile – her health comes first. She is unfortunately stepping down from her position, and is taking leave indefinitely.

Please keep her in your prayers as we are eagerly waiting for a full recovery.

In other news

Some changes are happening at our Erinvale site. Senior coaching professional and namesake, Etienne Olivier, will now be teaching at Erinvale – once a week. This has come with the news that Erinvale Head Coach, Murray Smit, will be leaving to start a new venture at De Zalze. We appreciate the hard work and dedication Murray has put into establishing EOGA at Erinvale. He has been a great mentor to John Thomson and our team, who are all very sad to see him go.

We wish him the best for his new journey!

And there has been an exciting development in the EOGA coaching team for Erinvale, which will take effect from 1st November.

A familiar face has joined our team, Nicolaas Swart, whom a lot of the members will know from his Shuttle & Tours company. His extensive experience in the industry, and passion for the club, justifies his position at EOGA as the Senior Coach for Erinvale. He is so excited to be taking care of you!

John Thomson will be assisting Nic, and focusing his dynamic energy on the future stars of the game. He’s built up quite a reputation amongst the young golfers, and we are proud of his passion for them. As EOGA’s Head of Junior Instruction, we know you will be in great hands.

Dominique Jacobs, who recently started working in the Pro Shop, will be assisting the EOGA team as an Assistant Coach and Fitness Professional. She prides herself in her ability to combine knowledge and expertise as a player, coach, as well as a Fitness/Sport professional in order to suit each golfer's individual requirements.

Make a booking with either one of our Fantastic Four team members!

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Volunteer Wildfire Services Golf Day


Steenberg hosted their second Volunteer Wildfire Services Golf Day. All proceeds raised went towards the VWS operational expenses: personal protective equipment for our volunteer firefighters, vehicle and fire base maintenance, as well as firefighting equipment.


Our EOGA coach Cassidy Williams (standing right next to Etienne Olivier – founder of EOGA), took part in the day in support of this worthy cause. What a privilege it was to get involved and help our volunteer firefighters.

Awards Corner

Junior Tournament

EOGA Arabella hosted a Junior tournament. The players from our EOGA Junior Clinics, under the care of André, did extremely well:

Morne de Wet   |    1st prize   |    6-8 division
Angus Bolton   |    2nd prize   |    5-7 division
Julian du Toit      3rd prize   |    8-10 division
Thomas Bolton   |    3rd prize   |    11-13 division
Pieter Wiljoen   |    3rd place   |    6-8 division
Ewald du Toit   |    3rd place   |    8-10 division

Junior Golf Tournament

Over the past 3 months, Dylan Furness has been competing in a 6-series tournament at Somerset West Golf Club. With one win and three top finishes, he has won his age division of 11-14. He also got a 2nd place in the final tournament this past Sunday.

Amazing results!

Target 36 Event

Andrew McMeeking played in the Target 36 event at Stellenbosch Golf Club on Sunday, and has truly taken to this format of the game. He passed all his distances on the first try, the latest being 75 metres, and made a 2 on the last hole to score a 35 – beating the target of 36.

The next challenge awaits – 100 metres!

Western Province Golf Representative

Christopher Gutuza – 16 years old –  was selected by Western Province Golf to represent WP in the U19 Interprovincial Tournament this coming December.

Congratulations, we are so proud of you!

EOGA Sundowner Competition

Reinhold du Randt won the EOGA Sundowner Competition on Friday with a brilliant score of 33. This includes a hole-in-one on the 5th hole.

Congrats Reinhold!

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