For your protection

To improve your enjoyment on every hole you play, you want a driver that’s been designed to protect your launch conditions on mishits and then fitted for your golf swing.
The Flash Face on the Callaway Epic Flash Driver has been designed by a super-computer and AI to protect your launch conditions. Indeed there are instances of mishits (slightly higher and toe side of the sweet spot) actually going further than a standard strike!

Improve every tee shot
Technology, expertise, and a fitting can be combined to make a difference to every tee shot. How much longer could we make your best tee shot? How much longer could we make your average tee shot?
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Knock it down. Knock it close.

The reason you now see so many Professionals hitting lower flighted, higher spinning wedge shots is that they've learned so much from launch monitor data. That data has blown away some myths.

We have learned that more spin is created by a higher spin loft (the gap between the dynamic loft and angle of attack) UP TO A POINT.
Spin actually declines once you go beyond a certain spin loft.

You can learn this shot
The right set up, with the right angle of attack, and the hands in the right position at impact and you can be hitting lower, high-spinning wedge shots that land, bounce and reverse. You’ll find it easier to be more accurate. It’s time to learn a new skill.
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