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Start the golf season with new grips

We’re a month closer to playing golf again. It’s time to start making plans. If new equipment isn’t in your plans, then at least think about putting new grips on your clubs. It’s good practice. It helps your golf game. And that means more enjoyment and less frustration.

And when you do bring your clubs in to get new grips, let’s just check that grip size and talk about where you miss (when you miss). Grips, correctly fitted, make it much easier to release the club correctly. Contact us.

Shafts and myths

Weight is more important than flex
The jury is out on this one. The evidence shows that, if one is more important than the other, then it’s marginal. We think this myth has come about as the industry tries to educate golfers that weight is very important. And it is.
Many golfers are playing with shafts
that are too heavy.
A lighter shaft would not only allow them to create more clubhead speed, it would also improve their control and make it easier to swing the club on plane.  

The argument is that most golfers would hit it longer with a lighter shaft. But don’t
under-estimate the impact on accuracy and consistency. There were multiple examples
like this in MyGolfSpy research done on shaft weight.
“If you’re losing distance as you get each year older, then it’s really
worth while looking at options to create faster clubhead speed
and a better energy transfer.”
Now let’s check
Ready for your transmission to be checked over? We have examples of shaft changes that have added
as much as 30 yards to tee shots. With irons we find big improvements in shot dispersion.
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Strengthen your core

What to tell the trainer
If you want to make 2019 a better golf season, then a better rotation helps everything: distance, accuracy, consistency. Extra power in your swing will be better channeled, producing sweeter golf shots.
 Many of you work out. That’s to be encouraged for a lot more reasons than just your golf swing.
If you’re speaking to NRG Fitness then you need a workout that:
Trains all three planes of motion:
side to side (frontal); forwards and
backward flexion and extension (sagittal);
and rotational (transverse).

Improves your core’s ability to
maintain posture through movement,
and its ability to manage the rotation
and resistance of different parts
in the kinematic sequence.
Start now – improve control of your swing
A good core training program will incorporate functional movements that challenge the abdominals,
but also take into account the obliques, rectus abdominis, erector spinae, and the tranverse abdominus.
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