Thank you and happy holidays!

We would like to thank you for a great 2019 and for trusting us with your golf this year. Have a great holiday season and enjoy the time with your family and friends.

We look forward to helping you discover longer and straighter tee shots, more thrilling approach shots, the great sand escape and sinking more putts more often in 2020.

Please take note

Notes from the meeting of the Executive committee meeting held on the 11th December 2019

“It was resolved that all subscriptions for the ensuing year carry an initial payment of $100 to cover levies charged by NZ Golf and North Golf. This is a ‘must’ payment and all subscriptions must then be paid by 20th April. Existing arrangements for payment are to be continued. (Any information required may be obtained at the sprigs bar.) Moved Don R; Seconded Sue D. Carried
Appointment greenkeeper

An application has been received from South African, Dirk Oberholzer, a fully qualified greenkeeper.Dirk Oberholster has made a job offer to him after discussion with the Executive Committee and set the process in motion for him to obtain a visa and work permit. Dean is doing an excellent job but needs support. Volunteers are very welcome!            
General business
Northpower have caused a leek on the course while carrying out some work for Sommerset and have been asked to repair as soon as possible.

A new pump has been purchased to replace the one taken from the 10th.

Sue Donovan reported back that the path down to the 10th tee and a letter was read form Susie Fisher (Virgin Concrete) also regarding this matter. Don Robertson to contact both Susie Fisher and Kate Frazerhurst for clarification. Sue Donovan to continue to follow up.
Signature on bank account
“It was resolved that Alison Vitali would be the new signatory on the bank accounts replacing Dirk Mostet.” Alison will be the third signatory along with accountant Charles Adler and administrator Lynne Williams. Moved; Don R. Seconded Franco M. Carried

Managers report
Matt presented his report and tabled a job description for the position in the sprigs bar. The advertisement is to go ahead and the report was received.
Structure of the Executive Committee

The above structure was discussed and areas of responsibilities allocated as follows:

Finance: Sue Donovan. To work with Charles Adler; Lynne Williams and Matt Davis
Sponsorship and Tournaments: Glenn Jonas. To work with Kate Frazerhurst.
Greenskeeper: Franco Meyer. To work with Dirk Oberholster and greens staff.
House and functions: Ngaire Guy. To work with Matt Davis and Rick Codlin.

Competition and Golf affairs: Alison Vitali. To work with mens and  womens committees.

The directors will be hoping to find volunteers to work with them in their respective areas.
The committee resolved to confirm Dirk Oberholster as course manager. His line of communication is via Franco Myer to the EC.

The directors will be looking for volunteers to assist them with their responsibilities
Meeting closed at 7.15pm
The next meeting is to be held on Monday 20th January 2020

What matters most to you?

We asked you to rate 1 to 3 what’s the most important to you when you arrive at a golf club. That’s a very different question to surveys that ask you to rate experiences, facilities, and surveys, after your round. 
From this list, when you arrive at the entrance to a golf club ready to play 18 holes, what is the first, second and third most important priorities to you?

Everyone of those items is important. It’s not that anything can be neglected. But it’s quite interesting to think about what is the most important to you and how, whatever your answer is, we can do a better job, so that you get more satisfaction.
It’s a fun question
If you skipped the link above, then please know that it’s quite a thought-provoking question. It’s a what’s most important? A 1 – 2 – 3 question.
View the question >

Think about your golf

If you’ve followed this article series you’ll know we’re asking you to examine some of your basic skills. This week, we’re greenside and we’re unsympathetic. But first a recap of what we asked you measure over 4 rounds over the last 3 weeks.

How many fairways have you hit and missed? We asked you to check your final score and see how much of a link there was between this stat and your final score.
What was your average score on Par 3s where you could tee off with an iron? For those trying to break 90 and 85, these are opportunity holes.
We think that for those looking to get below 85 and 80, this is a really important stat to measure. What’s your average to hole out from within this range?
Now, you’re greenside (not in the bunker) within 20 yards of the green. We strongly believe every one of our golfers should be averaging 3 or under from here. 
If you’re not averaging under 3, then please come and see us. The proper technique for this shot is easy to teach. There are easy shots to save.
“Not all ‘20 yards’ are equal. It is much harder to up and down when your short sided. So improving your average is as much about missing on the right side
as technique.”

Book your skills assessment
Get an insight into your game. Discover what you could improve quickly. Let’s plan an improvement journey together.
Contact us >

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