Look at Sean go!

Congratulations to AJS golf student, Sean Masterson, for a sensational round on Sunday of 48 points. Sean had 5 birdies on his round, 6 bogeys and the rest pars off a handicap of 13, very impressive.

Just like a lot of golfers Sean was using a set of clubs that were so wrong for his golf game and he battled to get consistency. The shafts in his irons were the wrong flex and weight for starters, the club head didn’t give him the performance and forgiveness he needed. The woods that he had previously were at least 5 years old and he had to battle them to get them in the fairway. With properly fitted equipment he can now make his swing with confidence.

This just shows that the right golf clubs can massively improve your game.

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We're talking drive power

Swing fearlessly

PING Fitting Day
10th March
08:00 AM - 13:00 PM
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Introduce speed to your game

TaylorMade Fitting Day
17 March 2020
08:00 AM - 13:00 PM
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Tour Ready, World Ready

Mizuno ST200 Fitting Day
23rd March 2020
10 AM - 15:00 PM

Our Raffle winners

1st FootJoy shorts Bruce Scott
2nd 45 minute lesson Liam O’Hagan
3rd Leuk the Duck cover Martin Buggy
4th Egc Belt Nick Stemi
5th Trucker Cap Gary Lang

Unlock extra distance

Driver hitting zones have become larger to better forgive off-centre strikes. But there’s an even more important zone that affects your distance. It’s the one at which launch angle and spin rate are just right for YOUR swing speed.
Should you be launching it higher or lower? Let’s find out.
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Faster swings generally require a lower launch angle with less spin. While slower swings are generally better off with a higher launch and more spin to keep the ball airborne for longer.
No metre untapped
When we know your swing and launch characteristics, we can set you up with a loft and shaft that helps you generate just the right amount of spin and launch. Get every metre you’re capable of.
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Four reasons why

We know that, in a fast-paced, digital, order-it-now-and-have-it-delivered-instantly-world, an online survey might be the quickest way to learn more about our golfers, but “fast” isn’t what’s important.
Our world is about connecting with real people, not an avatar. It’s about “shared discovery” and “conversation”, not a report of responses. Getting to know each other allows us to identify what’s most important to you, whether it’s a new playing partner, an introduction to a group, or a way to keep the ball in play.

Want to play 9 with us?
If you’d like us to reach out and see if we can schedule 9 holes with you (and perhaps a couple of other members), then please let us know.
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