Why you should get fitted

The PING Fitting Day was another successful day with members learning so much more about their games and how properly fitted equipment can help them in so many ways. Distance was gained by all who participated but this was far from what made it successful.

Geoff Jones left with renewed confidence in his game by dramatically improving his ball flight and dispersion by using 1 inch longer clubs. This also improved his posture and swing plane because the shorter clubs he had effected both of these essential fundamentals.

Gary Lang started hitting the ball so much straighter with both well struck shots and miss hits through a change in the clubs lie angel. Also, by fitting hybrids and woods with more loft allowed the member to keep the ball in the air longer equaling more consistent distance.

George Campbell leaves with more confidence in his clubs

My favourite fitting from the day was member George Campbell who had received the green light from his wife to purchase new clubs, which is always a difficult one. We first of all tested his current 7 iron for distance and ball dispersion and then tried a number of different combinations of club head and shaft combination to try to beat what he has in his bag.

All of these combinations came up with similar results and as hard as we tried we couldn’t beat what he was already using. At the end of the fitting George left with his wallet in his pocket and he was happy to know that what he already has works great for him.

This just shows that the original fitting that he had when he purchased his last set fits his game so well. When you are considering any new equipment make sure you get it fitted professionally and it will serve you well.

If you didn't have a chance to come for a fitting yesterday, contact me for a custom fitting!

It's a hole-in-one!

Congratulations to Michelle Dives who had a hole-in-one on the 3rd hole at Bexley golf club in the semi-finals of the Mixed Pennant. Even with heroic efforts like this the team went down by the narrowest of margins to Cronulla golf club 3 1/2 to 2 1/2.



We're talking drive power

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TaylorMade Fitting Day
17 March 2020
08:00 AM - 13:00 PM
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Mizuno ST200 Fitting Day
23rd March 2020
10 AM - 15:00 PM

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Know where you’re going
Launching your golf ball onto a soaring and accurate trajectory is one of the most satisfying feelings in golf. Most golfers are playing with a lie angle that makes this more difficult than it should be.
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1 degree makes a big difference
When your lie angle is out by just 1 degree, you can stray up to 10 feet wide of your target. That’s the difference between a birdie opportunity and a pressure putt to save par.
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Build your best game

A longer tee shot means a shorter iron into the green, and we can all hit shorter irons more easily.
Most amateurs hit down on the ball with driver, creating what we call a negative ‘angle of attack’. This adds extra spin and reduces distance. To hit it further, what you want is a flatter or positive angle of attack, so you’re ‘hitting up’ on the ball.
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Confidence with your driver has powerful ripple down effects for your scorecard.
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