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A quick posture check
Here are a few steps to improve your posture before your next shot.


- Greater chance of engaging the correct muscles
- Easier to achieve the correct swing positions
- Best to prevent injury


- Instability of core muscles
- Lack of pelvic tilt creates a bend in the upper body
- Greater chance of causing deviation in the backswing, affecting accuracy and overall efficiency
- Likely caused by LCS (lower crossed syndrome)
- Possible loss of posture or reverse spin angle during backswing
- Puts lower body out of position affecting the sequence of the swing

How to do a quick posture check before you hit your next shot:

Place the golf club under the buttons of your shirt. Point the grip side down crossing over the button or belt buckle of your pants. Two major things to look out for when performing this quick check:

1. Is the shaft level with the body (from the chest to the abdomen)? Neutral would be generally flat; C-posture creates a bigger space just above the abdomen; and S-posture pushes the shaft away from the belt buckle.
2. Is the shaft pointing to the middle of your stance/feet or close to? If the shaft favours either side more, your odds will be much lower. Try and change the angle of your chest/torso; and then move the shaft to the middle of your stance, or as close as possible

The above only covers a fraction of the information available. Therefore, please speak to your local EOGA golf coach to start improving your golf!

André at andre@eoga.co.za or 082 860 4977  |  Jean at jean@eoga.co.za or
071 355 9771

Par 3 Sundowner Challenge

We know you've got what it takes

Shot gun start at 5pm

Join us tomorrow afternoon for the ultimate test of your short game, in the Par 3 Sundowner Challenge. There will be an array of appetizing meals to enjoy, along with a beautiful sunset afterwards. 

There is no better way to start your weekend.

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New irons now?

If you’re passing your mid-fifties, then you might think that your best golf is behind you. But, in fact, you probably have the advantage of a smarter, cooler mind.
Why not add to that wisdom, the belief that your best golf is ahead of you. Technology certainly makes it possible to believe you can hit better approach shots than ever before.

Innovation in materials and engineering have allowed the designers of irons to construct heads that launch the ball higher from stronger lofts. Your #8 iron has a stronger loft than before (and therefore goes further) but launches as high (even higher) as previous #8 irons.
While you expect to be losing some distance with age, technology is now adding distance while retaining control.

Could you be getting better?
Don’t settle. Golf has so much more to offer each of you. Especially if you determine that you’re going to play better golf in your immediate future. Iron technologies are changing the game. Would they help you? Come and chat to us.
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Act on your feelings

One act, two different feelings. The act is a 145-metre approach shot. Let’s assume you’re here courtesy of a drive that’s
found the middle of the fairway.
With perfect contact, there is a visceral sense of joy at being at one with the game; that extends into satisfaction as the ball flies high and true; and then completes with a sense of accomplishment.
But first, there’s "craving". How much do you want that feeling of joy, satisfaction, and accomplishment? If you want it enough, you’ll take action.

Fan the flame
Without action, there is only acceptance. Make 2020 a year to deliver on your desires.
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