Par 3 Sundowner Challenge

Join us on Friday the 17th for the ultimate test of your short game, with our themed Par 3 Sundowner Challenge.

There is no better way to start your weekend.

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Make better strikes
with Chalton Steyn

The importance of good posture and balance in the set-up

The set-up is an aspect of golf that is sometimes left forgotten or neglected, yet, it has a major influence on your ability to hit good shots.

Posture and balance are some points which affect your set-up. The posture you adopt at set-up will greatly influence your body’s ability to move and function properly in the golf swing. A poor posture can lead to many issues, even physical injury in some cases.

Your balance also greatly influences how you are able to move and distribute your weight in the golf swing. This can have a great impact on strike quality.

Here’s a simple drill that will help you get into a good posture, as well as give you a few reference points regarding your balance that you can do at home! All you need is a golf club and a wall.

Step 1

You want to start by standing with your back facing the wall in a normal position as if you were talking to someone. Place your heel a clubhead distance away from the wall, as shown below.

Step 2

Next you want to tilt your upper body forward using your pelvis (the feeling for this is that your belt buckle sets lower than the back of your belt against the wall). Once your tailbone touches the wall, stop tilting and add a bit of knee flex. Use the image below for reference.

Step 3

Once you have done this, a simple way to check yourself is to place a golf club underneath your armpit. When in a good posture, the club should hang just in front of the knee, down into the laces of your shoe.

Take reference of what this position feels like and try and replicate the same posture and balance the next time you are on the practice tee or golf course!

For more help, do not hesitate to contact your closest EOGA coach.
André at or 082 860 4977
Jean at or 071 355 9771

New irons now?

If you’re over 50, while logic says age must be slowing you down, technology is changing the game for you. You can hit higher and longer iron shots with less requirement for the strength of youth. A note of caution: you do want accuracy.
Many golfers live with relatively poor accuracy with anything over a #9 iron. They believe that it’s their own swing that lets them down. But too often, it’s an incorrect lie angle that causes the face angle to twist when the toe hits the turf first. This tilts the spin axis of the golf ball. The ball goes right.
During less than an inch of the contact zone, the sole needs to be square to the turf. A fitted iron makes that possible. And the result is a much better and much more accurate ball strike.

Could you be getting better?
Don’t settle. Golf has so much more to offer each of you. Technology that makes you longer, with a fitting that makes you straighter, means your best golf is ahead of you.
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Act on your feelings

We all stand over 145-metre approach shots with hope, but that hope can be quickly traded for acceptance if shot after shot is far from perfect. And acceptance is a threat to the flame of our desire.
If we want to sustain hope, if we want our flame of desire to burn bright, then we need to take action. We must take action.
Think about what it would take for you to experience the joy of perfection from 145-metres more frequently. What would it require from your game? Playing more regularly? Some practice? Fitted irons? Improved technique?

Fan the flame, take the best action
The best starting point is an assessment. We can match your desire with a plan of action.
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