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Friday Sundowner

What better way to start the weekend than with 9 holes on our stunning course? Join us for our weekly Friday Sundowner this afternoon where the theme is Friday the 13th Horror!

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EOGA Weekly Tip

How to make more putts from short distances
With Alec Ahrens (EOGA Westlake)

Here are a few ways to improve your putts from short distances:

1) Focus

Make sure to take notice of what you’re focusing on while you wait to putt. While standing and waiting, try and think about something else other than your putt. If you think about your putt, it will make you nervous and tight and will cause a jabby stroke.

2) Routine

While you hover over the ball, have a routine:

• Place the putter behind the ball aligned at the line of the ball.
• Look at the hole and imagine the line of the putt and where the ball will enter the hole.
• Look back at the ball.
• Look at the hole again, imagine the line of the putt and where the ball will enter the hole.
• As you bring your eyes back to the ball, start your stroke.

This sequence will ensure your conscious mind is occupied fully on something else before pulling the trigger with little tension.

3) Consistency

Try and keep your process consistent. A pre-shot routine is very important and keeping it consistent is all the more important. Your pre-shot routine is the trigger to remind you of what to focus on in your routine.

Try these few steps and let us know how we can help some more. Contact your closest EOGA coach:
André at or 082 860 4977
Jean at or 071 355 9771

Find your truth

Know where you’re going
Launching your golf ball onto a soaring and accurate trajectory is one of the most satisfying feelings in golf. Most golfers are playing with a lie angle that makes this more difficult than it should be.
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1 degree makes a big difference
When your lie angle is out by just 1 degree, you can stray up to 10 feet wide of your target. That’s the difference between a birdie opportunity and a pressure putt to save par.
We’re here to help you hit better approach shots
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Cleveland Smart Sole 4

One shot and you’re out (and you’re closer)
Nobody wants to be in a bunker any longer than necessary. The new Cleveland Smart Sole 4 Sand Wedge makes it easier to get out fast and accurately.
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Build your best game

A longer tee shot means a shorter iron into the green, and we can all hit shorter irons more easily.
Most amateurs hit down on the ball with driver, creating what we call a negative ‘angle of attack’. This adds extra spin and reduces distance. To hit it further, what you want is a flatter or positive angle of attack, so you’re ‘hitting up’ on the ball.
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Attack the fairway so you can hit the green
Confidence with your driver has powerful ripple down effects for your scorecard.
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As close as you’ll get to premium without the premium price.
The new Srixon Q-STAR TOUR golf ball.
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