Message from Pam

Dear Members,

Well, we have done it, halfway there, congratulations to one and all. I am happy to report that your golf course is being looked after very nicely, it is looking great, though it is just very lonely and missing all of you.


To those members who keep their golf carts at the club, not to worry we have been driving them to keep the battery charged.

I hope that you are practicing in the garden, and with the great tips and advice from Kate, I’m sure your golf is going to be spectacular when you get back.

Wishing you all a happy easter and take care out there


Introducing the KCC virtual bake-off where we invite our members to bake something fabulous and submit your video or photo to us on

Here’s a wonderful lemon drizzle cake from Pam! See if you can beat this!


Things to do during lockdown

We are past halfway and if you are running out of ideas on what to keep yourself and the family busy with then check out this article for some fresh new ideas.

KCC Lockdown Challenge

Take a video of yourself hitting 5 consecutive "trick shots" upload it onto social media and tag us and add
#KCCLockdownChallenge #KCC2020

Let’s see what you got!

Check out the video here of Mike Dunlop from Indie Golf Stores - Better Golf Starts below.

Give your rating

Simply by registering on and rating the courses you have played this year, you can win some cool prizes.


Tips from Kate

Hello everyone,

I’m sure like me you are hoping to be back on the fairways next week.

And if you are like me you will be wondering what kind of game is going to accompany you on your first outing post lockdown! And you might be getting a bit anxious about it.

After 8 days in isolation I couldn’t stand it any longer and constructed a temporary golf net in the garden. Try an old curtain, a couple of awning poles, tent pegs and some string. If you are not keen on creating divots and don’t have an abundance of astroturf lurking in your garden perhaps an old bit of carpet is to hand.

If you do or don’t have access to a net I hope you are at least staying as fit as possible and making some swings outside when you can.

Trust me you won’t have been maintaining your golf flexibility whilst you’ve been lying on the sofa in front of the TV.

Here are a few exercises to help dust off your sofa cobwebs and start flexing you up to help you get the most out of yourself when we return and to stay injury free.

A common challenge for most of us is becoming round shouldered and tight which affects our ability to set good angles (posture) and maintain these angels as we turn and rotate through the swing.

The better our flexibility and our range of motion, the easier it is to stay in good positions throughout your swing. Give these a go. I’ll leave you to decide how many of each you can manage.

Cats and Dogs

On all fours, head and neck in line with spine.

Pull your tummy button to your spine, round your back as high as you can and tuck you chin in.

Squeeze your should blades together, arch back down to floor and lift head up. Repeat.


Lie tummy down, forehead resting on arms. Keeping pelvis on the floor push up onto your hands pulling chest into vertical position looking ahead. Hold for 3 secs. Repeat.

Angel Wings

Back and head against the wall, knees flexed and feet 30cms from the wall. Bend elbows and place elbows and wrists flat against wall.  Keeping head and wrists on the wall slowly raise your arms up as far as you can. Lower and repeat.

Pelvis Disassociation

I love this exercise. Makes me giggle. It’s fun.

In golf posture keeping upper body dead still turn your pelvis and hips to the right, then back to centre and then to the left. 

Great for getting your core going and creating awareness of upper and lower body working independently. Good one to do if you sway!

The Jimenez Stretch

Need I say more?

Hold for 20 seconds on each position.

Trunk Rotations

Can be done sitting in a chair or on a ball if you have. Keeping lower body still rotate upper body and arms together to the left 90 degs (or as far as you can go) then to the left. Let your head come with you.


Lunge and twist

Feet shoulder width apart. Step forward with left foot and drop right knee down halfway. Arms crossed, rotate to the left then back to the centre. Swap legs.


It is always important that you stand and set up correctly to the ball to enable your muscles and joints to move as well as they can during the swing ensuring your best impact position. A good set up and posture is going to be critical to maximising your chances of making a good swing and coming out of starting blocks well on your first game back.

Here’s a reminder on ball position and posture:

Practice at home using floor tiles for reference

Stand tall, fat back, no curved shoulders.

Lift you chin off your chest so you can rotate around your head.

Let you right side (right-handed people) and therefore shoulder tilt down. This is necessary as your right hand is lower than your left. It sets you up for a good take away.

Maintain your head at 90 degrees to your shoulders. You will feel as if you are looking at the back of the ball. And whilst you are there, practice ball position. Ball position for wedge is middle of stance, for driver it is inside your left heel.

Hope to see you next week.

And oh yes, have you got around to cleaning your clubs yet?

Take care,

Reminder from Kate

A reminder that the tee sheets for 17th April and the week thereafter from 26 March are open, to allow you to plan ahead.
As the Pro Shop will be closed, bookings will only be possible through the Jonas online system during the shutdown period. If you haven’t registered for this please do so by following the link on Kloof Country Club’s website and register. Members to click on the MEMBER book your round here tab on the top right of the website.

Visitors may book on line on our website and will be directed to
Upon re-opening the course, we will be operating a one tee start.

Stay safe

Golf deals

Please be advised that the Junior Membership-Unlimited Rounds R500 Deal will not end on 14 April and continue and extend to 14 May 2020 to allow those who have taken up this deal, the full advantage thereof.

Freedom Day


Club Champs

Please note Club Championships will not take place on 18th and 19th April. The new dates are as follows:

Stroke play May 23 and 24
Match play June 20 and 21


Date changes

Due to Covid 19 lock down we have extended the deadlines for our main Trophy events as follows:

Chigwell Cup
1st Round extended from 4th to 11th May
2nd Round remains unchanged 8th June

Margetts Cup
1st Round extended from 20th April to 17th June
2nd Round extended from 6th July to 20th July

O'Keefe Cup
1st Round extended from 4th May to 29th June
2nd Round extended from 20th to 27th July

If you are entered into the Chigwell please prioritise arranging a date for this event over and above either the Margett’s or O’Keefe.

Blowing away another myth

It’s quicker than you think.
Thinking about your golf game, where would an improvement make the most difference? Not just to your scorecard or your handicap, but to how much you enjoy the game. If you are struggling with enjoyment, then there’s a good chance it’s one of these skills:
Too many shots in the rough, lost in the woods, or far too short. Hole spoiled before you start.
Can’t get the ball up on good trajectory. Too inconsistent. It’s a struggle tee to green.
Too many golfers sit in one or both these categories. They’re under 100 sometimes but often struggle with that target. If that’s you I’m betting you love your friends, and the outdoors, but the game itself is frustrating. So let’s blow a myth away.
It might take 10,000 hours to be an elite level golfer, but what if it took less than 20 hours of practice to MASTER one skill?
I’m interested, tell me more
The key to mastering a skill is not bashing away endlessly with minimal or no improvement. The right improvement identified and explained. Simple steps. The right deliberate practice drills. The right feedback. Pick a skill. Start a conversation with us. Now’s a good time.
Contact us >

Golf’s next generation

The ABCs of movement.
Junior golfers between the ages of 6 and 12 are learning the basics of the swing. But they wouldn’t be able to do that without learning the ABCs of movement – Agility, Balance, Coordination and Speed – first. These four skills, identified by movement experts, are critical to learning any sport. In fact, children won’t acquire all these skills by only playing golf.
At this age, more is more
Playing as many different sports and games as possible is the best way for your child to improve their movement ABCs. Ball sports like soccer help develop agility and speed. Gymnastics is great for developing balance and coordination. The same goes for tennis, hockey and baseball. The more sports your child has played, the better off they’ll be when learning golf.
Enrich their childhood
Golf provides hours of fun, interaction and learning outdoors in a safe environment. We’d love to start your child on a lifelong journey with the game. And part of the coaching will be developing their ABCs of movement. If that’s something you’d like for your child, when we next see you, let’s talk about it, or
Start a conversation now >



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