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Course news

Hard to believe a week has passed already - some days have gone so slowly and others have simply flashed by!  

Looking after each other 
Stay at Home ~  Southbroom Community

Huge thanks to Trevor and Yolande Hogan in The Southbroom Supermarket in Ilala Boulevard for stocking and delivering fresh essentials (and more) to all Southbroomers! Call them on 039 316 6381.

Also to Sally Harrison of Deli.. ish  & Pure to Go Water  Eagle St  for sourcing all sorts of ready made meals  and groceries. Sally is open 2 days a week and is working with pre-orders etc for collection on Tuesdays & Fridays between 10am & 12 noon. She is also offering free waterbottle refills to Southbroomers. For orders please email or to be added to Sally's extrensive whatsap list of products available please call or message her on 072 773  3277 

To quote Course Manager Damien at Cannon Brook Golf Club in the UK:

"It’s amazing how perspectives in life can change and change very quickly. Not many of us can remember a time when our day to day lives have been this affected. It truly is a perspective-changer. This will of course eventually improve and we will get back to some sort of normal life but in the mean time we all have to do our bit to try to slow down the spread of the Coronavirus. Please stay at home!"


The course is taking a rest as well.  This morning we asked some members to send in pics of the course as taken from their homes and a couple were taken during on a quick drive down to the village shop to restock the pantry. Thanks to Charl, Nick and Abie, who are all operating the Greens mowers this week, doing the basics required  and giving the course their continued attention. That, coupled with the recent good rains and warm sunny days, means it all looking great.

Apparently the normally shy buck and duiker are feeling more confident to come out onto the fairways alongside the Frederika Reserve and Charl says they look beautiful!

Thanks to the members who sent in their pics featured above. We are all looking forward to normality again. On a personal note we, like many others are enjoying some quality family time, whilst keeping in touch with distant family and friends,and tackling various overdue home projects and coming up with fresh ideas.

Whilst we are all home bound here are a few home drills to do in your garden if possible.  Here is a short clip that we videoed  in the garden for you this morning.   


Member news

Mask initiative for all the seamstresses out there!

Those who would like to assist please go to the website or click on link below to read and register. It is a fabulous initiative to making and donating masks for folk who will need it (and apparently coffee filters make good disposable filters needed inside them. Click here.


Village news

Southbroom Essential Services remaining open

Village Medical Centre
Dr Stephen Stewart - 039 316 8047
Vet Dr Lezelle Floyd - 039 316 8000
Southbroom Pharmacy
Phone 039 316 6075 or email and  Wajedah and her team will have your meds ready to collect.

Trevor & Yolande in the Southbroom Supermarket
- 039 316 6381  
Generally - 8 AM-5 PM and deliveries avail from after 1 PM.

Sally Harrison and her Deli Shop in Eagle St
Specially opening for you on  Tuesday & Friday 10 AM till 12 noon.

Deli sh is offering up to 40l  free water per household  for Southbroom residents and also acting as a drop off point if you want to send a meal to the SPCA volunteer workers.

For  shop orders please email or WhatsApp or call Sally to confirm what will be available at 072 773  3277!  

Brad Verwey  and the Southbroom Petrol station  Phone 082 951 4211 - 

The lighter side.... 

A lighter look at life in our turbulent times - from an avid golfer

Shared by a  member

Pandemic Golf
March Madness is cancelled, the NBA is shut down, the Masters is postponed, and my Aunt Marge’s senior bowling has even thrown in the towel. Now restaurants and bars are closed, and our 40-handicap governor is threatening to shut down all entertainment facilities including golf courses. I have not tested positive, but the coronavirus is killing me.

There is nowhere to go and nothing to do. My wife suggested we take a walk, but I don’t walk anywhere unless I have a golf club in my hand and it’s cart path only. My kids have a restraining order on us and won’t let us come within 200 yards of the grandchildren. And we can no longer eat out, but when we tried to cook at home, there were cobwebs in the oven.

The network channels are inundated with coverage of the virus. The golf channel has been showing reruns of old tournaments, which are almost as riveting as watching my brother-in-law’s video of his family camping trip to Yellowstone.

Paranoia is off the tracks. Before the shutdown, we were having dinner at a local bar. I let out a loud sneeze and everyone at the surrounding tables started yelling "check please." My stock portfolio is plummeting and most of our cash is currently invested in toilet paper. I am washing my hands 137 times a day. I don’t touch anyone. Our society and economy have been crippled by a microscopic virus. Scientists have not yet determined the exact origin but have narrowed it down to a Chinese fishmarket. And, no one is sure how to prevent or cure it.

I don’t consider myself to be in the high-risk category. I have been building up my immune system for the last 25 years - germs just slide through me. My only pre-existing condition is an inability to launch a golf ball further than 180 yards. And, according to the CDC, symptoms of the coronavirus are sweats, dizziness, and trouble breathing, which I experience whenever I am standing over a 3 foot putt. I can handle it.

So, I proposed to my regular foursome the idea of escaping from our self-imposed Stalag 17 and venturing outside for a round of golf. Everyone recognized the danger and severity of the situation. But when faced with the decision to remain sequestered with our wives or to risk contracting a deadly virus, it was a no-brainer. Every man opted to play golf.

Our foursome does not pose a medical risk to mankind. My friend, George is virus-free. Social distancing has not been a problem for him. Other than us, he doesn’t have any friends. Bob, my neighbor is a urologist who has been working from home for several weeks. Our other partner, Jerry tested himself with a kit he bought online. However, he thinks he may have gotten the wrong kit. It showed no traces of the virus but indicated that he could be pregnant.

The federal government has established guidelines for social engagement. For example, you must stay at least 6 feet apart and no more than 10 people are allowed at a gathering, which means Patrick Reed’s fan club can still meet. In addition, our foursome drafted our own specific set of rules for Pandemic Golf.

Rules of Play
• Hazmat suits are permitted. As an alternative, one can wear a college mascot costume or big bunny pajamas.
• Masks are not permitted, because we would look more like stagecoach robbers than a foursome.
• Leave the flag in. And to avoid retrieving balls from the hole, any putt shorter than Lebron James is good.
• Ride in separate golf carts and don’t come closer to another player than a fully extended ball retriever.
• Don’t touch another player’s balls. This is always good advice.
• No high fives. Fortunately, we seldom have a reason.
• No excuses. Slicing or hooking are not side effects of the corona virus.
• Make an online bank transfer to pay off your bets for the day.
• Straddle the sprinkler on the 18th hole before getting into the car.

These rules and restrictions adequately protected us from contamination. Unfortunately, there is no vaccine for bad golf. I had trouble gripping the club with oven mittens, but it was an enjoyable afternoon which ended way too soon. There were no handshakes on the 18th green, no beers at the bar, and we drove home separately.

As the pandemic plays through, it is giving us a glimpse into our inevitable future where all meals are delivered, all entertainment comes through the tv screen, and all human interaction is through our cell phone. Where schooling is online at home, exercise is on a stationary bike in our basement, medical testing is done at drive-thru windows, and colonoscopies are performed at Jiffy Lube. The world is changing. It is becoming less interpersonal as technology consumes us. So now that we have time on our hands, everyone should take a moment to cherish this fading era, when friends still get together to hit a little ball around an open field for no good reason other than to enjoy the companionship of their fellow man.

Alan Feinstein
Executive Consultant
Corporate Commercial


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