Make golf a habit in 2020

Apparently, we don’t really commit to “resolutions” anymore. We’re supposed to develop “good habits”.

OK, then how do we inspire you to make regular golf a habit then? There are two ways that have nothing to do with the golf swing:

• Just getting out and walking and playing golf is a major health benefit. We’re not trying to sell you on extra four years added to your life. We’re trying to sell you on the basis that ‘you’ll feel better now!’
• Connections. The world needs more real, physical, social connections. Being with friends. Making new friends. Being a support to someone else. Enjoying the support of others. When people are together the world is a much better place.

Contact us and we can help you make golf a habit in 2020.

What's happening?

Tuesday 7 January - WGSA Medal & 1st Rd Putting, Pengelly Auto's
Wednesday 8 January - 2Ball Aggregate Stableford, Sanlam Glacier
Thursday 9 January - EB Medal
Friday 10 January - Members 10K Draw, Lyall Morgan & Ass, Smith & Santos
Saturday 11 January - 4Ball Alliance Stableford 2 scores to count, Basilico (AM)
Sunday 12 January - 2Ball Aggregate Stableford, Food Lovers Market Tokia
Tuesday 14 January - Grace Krummeck Trophy - Individual Stableford
Wednesday 15 January - Individual Stableford, Market Toyota Tokai
Friday 17 January - Members Draw, Lyall Morgan & Ass, Smith & Santos
Saturday 18 January - 2Ball Aggregate Stableford, Seatrans Logistics (PM)
Sunday 19 January - Individual Stableford, Food Lovers Market Tokai

And the winners are...

04 January 2020
Monthly Medal


A Division 10.2 & Under

1st Grant Kennedy 68 nett
2nd Zac Miller 73 nett c/inn
3rd John Horn 73 nett c/out

B Division 10.3, Including 16.2

1st Mo Sulimam 68 nett
2nd Ted Ragan 70 nett
3rd Paul Nel 73 nett

C Division 16.3 to 30.8

1st Martin Burls 70 nett
2nd Steve o Sullivan 71 nett
3rd Gosh Weber 73 nett c/inn


A Division up to 10.2

1st Neil Campbell 71 nett
2nd Chad Hanslo 72 nett
3rd William Thompson 73 nett

B Division 10.3 to 16.2

1st Jan Chrobok 71 nett
2nd Nigel Cornfield 72 nett
3rd Bruce Maxwell 73 nett

C Division 16.3 to 30.8

1st Jim Brayson 70 nett
2nd John Brayne 73 nett
3rd Trevor Day 74 nett

05 January 2020
4Ball Alliance Stableford

1st Colin Haytread, David Paterson, Nicci Steyn & Gosh Weber 90 pts

New irons now?

If you’re passing your mid-fifties, then you might think that your best golf is behind you. But, in fact, you probably have the advantage of a smarter, cooler mind.
Why not add to that wisdom, the belief that your best golf is ahead of you. Technology certainly makes it possible to believe you can hit better approach shots than ever before.

Innovation in materials and engineering have allowed the designers of irons to construct heads that launch the ball higher from stronger lofts. Your #8 iron has a stronger loft than before (and therefore goes further) but launches as high (even higher) as previous #8 irons.
While you expect to be losing some distance with age, technology is now adding distance while retaining control.

Could you be getting better?
Don’t settle. Golf has so much more to offer each of you. Especially if you determine that you’re going to play better golf in your immediate future. Iron technologies are changing the game. Would they help you? Come and chat to us.
Contact us >

Act on your feelings

One act, two different feelings. The act is a 145-metre approach shot. Let’s assume you’re here courtesy of a drive that’s
found the middle of the fairway.
With perfect contact, there is a visceral sense of joy at being at one with the game; that extends into satisfaction as the ball flies high and true; and then completes with a sense of accomplishment.
But first, there’s "craving". How much do you want that feeling of joy, satisfaction, and accomplishment? If you want it enough, you’ll take action.

Fan the flame
Without action, there is only acceptance. Make 2020 a year to deliver on your desires.
Contact us >

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