Join Dale, Elsabe and Justin next week
Short Game Clinic – 15th March 2020

Gary Player mentioned it on Monday so it must be true! He said to forget the driver if you want to shave shots off your game – rather work on your short game! Bookings are essential as space is limited – give Elsabe a call or WhatsApp on 082-922-8408.
 Lower your score by improving one aspect of your game
This week’s Hero…

Congratulations to Ryan de Jonge from the Golf Management Campus whose hard work on the range, both with his coaches and practising alone, has paid off. He made the cut and finished tied for 48th in the Cape Province Open at George Golf Club – his first big tournament event.

We wish him luck for his next two events – the North West Open at Potch Golf Club and the Northern Amateur at CCJ.
We are so proud of you, Ryan

Elsabe Hefer and Justin Godfrey are responsible for the coaching at Zwartkop. They host a variety of clinics; practice groups; group and individual lessons. Get in touch with them and they will work out something that suits you.

Elsabe082-922-8408 /
Justin – 082-925-0236 /

Let us help you play better golf

This week Elsabe advises you on playing a pitch shot on the 8th hole.
Take your game to new heights in 2020 by contacting Elsabe – 082-922-8408 /

Practice Club

Join Elsabe and Justin to Practice with Purpose in March.

Group golf lessons

Gain more confidence on the course. Why not join one of our Adult or Junior Group Classes – it’s a whole lot of fun to practice in a group.

Next Singles Club
Sunday, 15th March 2020

The more people that participate, the more the payouts will be! Enter directly with Chris Delport by contacting him on 079-510-9062.

Product of the Week 
Srixon Q-STAR Tour Golf Balls

Soft golf balls feel great. Hard golf balls go far. But you’ve never played a ball that’s both soft and hard. Until now. FastLayer behaves like a core with thousands of layers, giving you distance and softer feel without compromise.  
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Find your truth

Before you can let the club do the work
We want you to hit better golf shots with every iron in your bag. Besides the design of the head, the next most important aspect is your lie angle. When your lie angle matches your swing, your irons work better for you.
Find your lie >
If you’re struggling with hooked iron shots, your lie angle could be too upright.
If your iron shots are going right, there’s a good chance your lie angle is too flat.
Many brands try and solve the problems they think each golfer might have at different handicap levels by creating off-the-shelf irons with a specific lie angle. But that might not be right for you.
We’re here to help you hit better approach shots
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Tour-level performance for moderate swing speeds

The new Srixon Q-STAR TOUR golf ball.
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Build your best game

Breaking through to lower scores for the first time is a great feeling. By isolating specific aspects of the game you need to improve, we can help you make big achievements more easily.
How many rounds could you go without a three-putt?
How many could you sink from greenside?
What if you were comfortable hitting any iron in your bag?
How much further down the fairway could you go?
How important is playing better golf to you?
Please let us know >
What part of your game can we improve?
Benchmarking particular skills is a great way for us to identify where you can make the biggest improvements quickly.
Ask us about it >



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